Roquette® Mannitol is a white crystalline powder with a very light sweet flavour. It is non-cariogenic, and has good thermal stability and low hygroscop. PEARLITOL®. Mannitol. Roquette. Obtained industrially by hydrogenation of fructose, it’s main uses in the food industry are in chewing gums, chewy sweets and. Mannitol is widely used in pharmaceutical formulations and food products. Mannitol may be used in direct-compression tablet applica- . Roquette Fre`res).

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We are unable to carryout a download document right now. To facilitate your successful biopharmaceutical formulation, Roquette mannigol expertise and innovation to all stages of development, backed by uncompromised quality standards and a secure supply chain.

Please select the usage country to continue. Your enquiry Your enquiry. The lubricant is added to this mixture.

The value retained for this test is the average of these fifteen disintegration times thus measured. Innovation in protein stabilization. Roquette provides high performing, innovative and sustainable plant-based solutions for industrial customers!

Talk to us about how we can help you address the carbon foot print and sustainability targets for your products. Know the product you’re looking for? It is non-cariogenic, and has good thermal stability and low hygroscopicity. Skin care Hair care Oral care Color cosmetics Fragrance. Modified waxy maize starch provides excipient benefits as a suspending agent and viscosifier.


Maltitol liquids are widely used in various pharma oral dose and nutraceutical applications including as a vehicle for losenges; medicated confectionary; syrups, suspensions, liquids. A SumoBrain Solutions Company. It is meant to provide general information about our products and facilities.

Particle Size Mean Diameter: Description Documents Request a quote Make an enquiry Order sample. The characteristics of the coagglomerates of mannitol and of starch according to the invention are given in the following table 6. Other Properties and Benefits.


With an array roquete wheat, corn, potato, and pea starches and starch derivatives, its lineup of high quality ingredients deliver solutions for various product needs such as acidity regulation, anticrystallisation, binding, calorie and fat reduction, colouring, emulsification, and fibre enrichment. In the method in accordance roquett the invention, it is particularly advantageous to have a high content of mannitol crystals in the suspension of mannitol and of starch.

Federated States of Micronesia. Our in-process quality control ensures a consistent supply of raw materials and excipients to support your needs. The coagglomerates according to the invention are characterized by their compression behavior, determined according to a test C.

Other Properties and Benefits. It also has the drawback of mannitkl a decrease in the hardness of the tablets following water uptake during storage.

The Pea in Motion Discover more. The coagglomerates in accordance with the invention have, according to this test A, a disintegration behavior such that the relaxation time measured is between 30 and seconds and the swelling force is between 0.


Your request Your enquiry. Method for deterring abuse of opioids by combination with non-release formulation of emetic.

Coprocessed: Mannitol, starch

View Animal Nutrition products View market information. In order to obtain such granules, the applicant company had observed that it was advisable to use a granular starch and lactose mixture and to modify its physical characteristics by using an roquettd process such that moderate friability, satisfactory tableting capacity and efficient flow are simultaneously obtained, while preserving the disintegrating properties.

Your enquiry Your enquiry.

Get in touch to discuss requirements. Add to basket Order now. In order to improve its compression properties, lactose has been modified by spray-drying and agglomeration. Among the excipients most commonly encountered in the preparation of orodispersible tablets, mention may particularly be made of: The Email is required.

The coagglomerates in accordance with the rowuette have, according to this test Mannitok, a compression behavior such that the compression force required to obtain said tablets with a hardness of between N and N is less than 40 kN.

The coagglomerates according to the invention make it possible to prepare tablets which disintegrate in manniyol mouth, according to a test D, in less than 60 seconds, preferably in less than 40 seconds.

The information available here is not intended to indicate that a specific product is available or approved for sale in a country.