Manhunt has ratings and reviews. Will said: After Booth did his thing at Ford’s theater, it took the combined forces of the United States, V. James Swanson’s vivid, well-researched book is a record of Booth’s attempt to evade capture following this daring killing, and his journey – at. Instead of the comprehensive treatment of the Lincoln conspiracy offered by Michael W. Kauffman in American Brutus (), Swanson focuses.

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Also jailed, for a time, was Ford’s owner, John T.

Public displays of triumph and relief of the end of the war were being held throughout the North, while manhunr were left to think about their fate. My husband read this first, and his succinct review was that “a whole lot of nothing happens.

Many people wish he had never lived, while, Swanson notes, there are those in the South who still celebrate his life. You have to admit that Booth almost couldn’t ignore devising some sort of assassination plan, what with his hatreds, and the president’s publicized desire to attend the popular Laura Keene play at Ford’s Theater in Washington.

So, I would definitely recommend this book. Just as damning was Mudd’s failure to notify authorities in Maryland of his involvement with Booth after newspapers carrying the assassination news and Booth’s identity were being circulated in his town. It wasn’t absolutely disgusting, but the injuries and assassination attempts were very bloody and are described in detail.

The book’s end notes do not indicate Laura Keene ever claimed that she was a manhunr serving opportunist, and it is unlikely that she would have even if it were the truth.

The relatively unknown period between Lincoln’s murder and Booth’s capture and murder is carefully detailed, with Booth and David Herold hiding in a piney area of Maryland before they finally made a run across the Potomac to Virginia, where they believed they would be safe. The author assiduously researched the episode in history, finding documents that had been hidden for some 50 years.

Moreover, there is an effort throughout the book to straddle the line between how the North and South I found this riveting and difficult to put down. WeinbergLincoln’s Assassinswas a photographic and archival study of Booth and his co. I wish we’d read things like Manhunt: From April 14 to April 26,the assassin led Union caval A fascinating tale of murder, manunt, and betrayal.


It appears that in Swanson’s estimation, bringing a pitcher of water to the side of an assassinated president is opportunistic, but stealing property from a dead murderer and tampering with evidence is a romantic manjunt.

MANHUNT by James L. Swanson | Kirkus Reviews

Science of Liberty, The. Amazingly to me, Booth only carried a one-shot Deringer. The Mudd family’s position was reflected in a movie, “The Ordeal of Dr. Their are myriad reasons he was one of the best presidents this country has seen. Of course, it’s nonfiction, but it reads like a high intensity, suspenseful, thrilling novel. As the author says in one of his notes, which are not too intense and do lend themselves to being read at the back of the book, it is not an encyclopedia of the assassination but it is certainly a dramatic account of the events of 14 to 26 April on an hour by hour, day by day basis.

This book is well researched and follows the chase of not just Booth but his accomplices who were charged with the assassination of major cabinet members.

A Confederate sympathizer and a member of a celebrated acting family, Booth threw away his fame and wealth for a chance to avenge the South’s defeat.

Unfortunately, reading about someone hiding in a swamp mwnhunt days on end with no food to eat is about as exciting as you might think.

Max’s book review 2. Swanson does a terrific job of cobbling together a manhjnt complete and compelling narrative of Booth’s time on the lam while armies hunted for him, all from interviews with the subjects, court transcripts, newspaper accounts, and other books written by those involved at at the time.

We learn, for instance, every tiny detail of the attack on Secretary Seward but we never really learn what drew Lewis Powell into Booth’s plot or what was behind the ferocious violence with which he attempted to carry out his role. The murder of Abraham Lincoln set off the greatest manhunt in American history. While reading this book I made notes of a number of other shortcomings in the text, such as kanhunt page where Swanson describes Booth holding his pistols in his hands and then contradicts himself a paragraph later by writing that he is reaching for his holstered pistols.


Manhunt by James L. Swanson – Review | BookPage | BookPage

I would give the nod to Hellhound as the better book but Manhunt is still worth reading. Destiny of the Republic. To begin, Swanson treats his subject in such light and casual detail that any serious student of history or anyone with mahnunt academic interest in Lincoln’s assassination would be poorly served to waste time with this book.

All in all, a quick read and I recommend it.


Apr 04, Michelle rated it swanspn liked it. I loved this book. He has held a number of government and think-tank posts in Washington, D. In the notes Swanson admits that the letter he quotes was not the original since it was destroyed but rather a recreation based on Matthew’s recollection and based in part on the manifesto in Booth’s diary.

Manhunt: The 12-Day Chase for Lincoln’s Killer

I highly recommend this book, along with Assassination Vacation for starters. He was still arrested and sentenced to life in prison. May 01, J. Samuel Mudd, and Fanny Seward. Swanson ruins his credibility as a writer by failing to make clear in the text that this letter is not an original but rather a recreation.

Good to the end. John Wilkes Booth did not act alone, but constructed a much broader plot swansonn cripple the newly victorious Union. Booth’s flight was likely desperate and by using this source material the flight becomes romanticized. While the book is impeccably researched and stays true to its detailed coverage of Booth and his young assistant, it does struggle to maintain consistent threads on the other co-conspirators.

In The Blood RelicsSwanson writes about the moment when he decided to write Manhunt and what items remain from the event There are several more articles relating to Lincoln’s assassination in this issue Now, that’s not to diminish his other incredible accomplishments, not the least of which is the abolition of slavery.