According to Louis Massignon Al-Hallaj was born around AD in Tur a small town of Bayda district, in the center of the southern Iran,which. Abridged from the four-volume The Passion of al-Hallaj, one of the major Louis Massignon (), France’s most celebrated Islamic specialist in this. Louis Massignon (25 July – 31 October ) was a Catholic scholar of Islam and a . Louis Gardet, his friend and colleague, assisted in the posthumous edition of Louis Massignon’s work La passion de Hussayn Ibn Mansûr an-Hallâj.

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Louis Massignon spent forty years of his life on the research and also travelled vastly through the middle east and India to find the authentic documents about Al-Hallaj. This situation of captivity, and the experience of Muslim spirituality, also brought about his conversion to Christianity: Massignon’s political action was guided by a belief in peaceful coexistence of different peoples and religions which ultimately derived from his religious concept of sacred hospitalityand by the Gandhian principles of non-violent actions satyagraha and ahimsa.

Notify me of new comments via email. He even showed great admiration for some of Islam’s saints, especially for al-Hallaj. Although most of his Sufi contemporaries disapproved of his actions, Hallaj later became a major figure in the Sufi tradition. Hallaj was also accused of incarnationism hululthe basis of which charge seems to be a disputed verse in which the author proclaims mystical union in terms of two spirits in one body.

Likewise, his great openness for Islam was seen with skeptical eyes by many Catholics. Retrieved from ” https: Retrieved from ” https: From this point of view, the works on Hallaj, rather than illuminat- ing the subject, constitute something of a church wall inside which the subject massinon imprisoned.

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Mansur Al-Hallaj – Wikipedia

Al-Hallaj confronted a difficult situation after his marriage with daughter of Abu Yaqub Aqta, who was also in closed terms with Amr Makki the spiritual master of Al-Hallaj. Views Read Edit View history. Next Delegation of the Ismaili Imamat: According to Carl W.

Memoir of a Friend: By using loui site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. He massigno research on various subjects related to Islam, such as the lives of the 10th century mystic al-HallajMuhammad’s companion Salman Pak and the massginon of Abraham for the three Abrahamic religions. God even at the risk of eternal rejection and torment. Please consider expanding the lead to provide an accessible haallaj of all important aspects of the article. In mortal danger, which filled him with extreme, physical anguish, he first felt remorse for his past life, made an abortive and tentative suicide attempt, fell into a delirium and a state of great agitation later diagnosed as either malariaa stroke caused by sun kassignon fatigue, or maniaand finally experienced the presence of God as a “visitation of a Stranger”, who overwhelmed him, leaving him passive and helpless, feeling judged for having judged others harshly, and almost making him lose his very sense of identity.


Although the majority of early Sufi teachers condemned him, he was almost unanimously canonized by later generations of Sufis.

Click here to sign up. He also saw his becoming a priest later in life as a way of offering up his life for others. This vow led to the formal foundation of the Badaliya prayer association in This article has multiple issues. Being a priest meant for Massignon offering his life in substitution for others, especially for the Muslims.

Louis Massignon – Wikipedia

His occupation was carder Hallaj in arabic woolen-cotton flaxer, like his father he moved frequently with his father to the towns of textile center. He was finally given the chair in Januarywhen Le Chatelier retired. His father, Fernand Massignon —a painter and a sculptor under the pseudonym Pierre Rochewas an intimate massighon of novelist Joris-Karl Huysmans.

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Mansur Al-Hallaj

He was also influential, among Catholics, for Islam being accepted as an Abrahamic Faith. Only at the end of the book does Karamustafa suggest the possibility of economic factors behind this phenomenon, but in his view, “[t]he question is highly intriguing, yet the absence of a critical mass of scholarly work on the economic history of Islamdom during the period in question makes it difficult if not impossible to answer” p.

The Alusi also helped him gather the sources for his magnum opus on Al-Hallaj. Among other Sufis, Al-Hallaj was an anomaly. Edward Saida hallak Arab-American scholar, wrote Massignon used Hallaj to “embody, to incarnate, values essentially outlawed by the mainstream doctrinal system of Islam, a system that Massignon himself described mainly in order to circumvent it with al-Hallaj”.

The result is a beautifully executed pictorial volume, accompanied by clearly written text aimed at a general http: Notify me of new posts via email. He was first punched in the face by his executioner, then lashed until massigbon, and then decapitated [11] [12] or hanged.


It was an editorial mistake to forgo a glossary and index and at least some basic bibliograph- ical references and brief explanatory footnotes.

This page was last edited on 16 Octoberat His mode of life with ease and freedom, he changed his style of dresses according to the class of society he was frequenting.

Chapter 1 is an homage to the Prophet Muhammad, for example, while Chapters 4 and 5 are treatments of the Prophet’s heavenly ascent ot Mi’raj.

Borrmans, f He thus sees the revelation in Islam as a “mysterious answer of divine grace to Abraham ‘s prayer for Ismael and the Arab race”. In the s, Francis of Assisi played a great role in his life: Instead, haallaj Januaryhe married a cousinMarcelle Dansaert-Testelin.

Thus, his conversion provided a firm basis for his lifelong association with the latter. But the result is really less an abridgement of the four volumes than a pre’cis of volume one, with some inter- mittent material from volume two, and we are warned about this in Mason’s foreword. While firmly rooted in Catholic faith, Massignon was inspired by Islamic theology and practice as well, which made him a very independent thinker in religious matters, while he avoided any kind of heresy.

In India Al-Hallaj was mingled among the polytheists, who were already accustomed to receiving muslim merchants. His massignoon research work has been also published in the form of various books after his death.

List of sufis Notable early Notable modern Singers. He made Massignon the executor of his spiritual legacy: According to Louis Massignon Al-Hallaj was born around AD in Tur a small town of Bayda district, in the center of the southern Iran,which was much influenced by the Arabic language and culture as it was sub-camp of Basara.

In Baghdad he was the guest of the great Muslim family of the Alusi, who introduced him to the brand of Arab hospitality [1] he was to honour throughout his life. Email required Address never made public.