Conn Iggulden is the author of Genghis: Birth of an Empire, the first novel in the series, as well as the Emperor novels, which chronicle the life of Julius Caesar. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Starred Review. Iggulden, coauthor of the Lords of the Bow (Conqueror, Book 2) – Kindle edition by Conn Iggulden. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. For centuries, primitive tribes have warred with one another. Now, under Genghis Khan—a man who lives for battle and blood—they have united.

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O ritmo melhora da metade pro final. Also by Conn Iggulden. Facing them is the arduous crossing of the Gobi desert. The first book did an excellent job of creating an interesting, if none too accurate, picture of his early life, and the struggles that grew him into the man he eventually would become.

Genghis: Lords of the Bow by Conn Iggulden | : Books

I definitely did not enjoy this book as much as the previous one. The strategy of the Mongol army is fascinating when and how to outsmart their enemy is as much the achievement as the battle itself.

The author paints a vivid picture of the nearly insurmountable task of the taking the city. We are a greater family and all lands are ours to take.

They meet the age-old enemy the Chin and the battle Leader Igulden Khan continues to sweep all before him showing a vision for an empire that will stand long after he has gone.

Jan 06, Rachel rated it it was amazing.

Published March 25th by Delacorte Press first published January 2nd Views Read Edit View history. For the first time in a long time, reading became something I dreaded rather than looked forward to with this book. There do seem to be a few things that I just don’t get from Iggulden’s writing.


I scoff at that notion. His characters are realistic and the history is closely matched. Some of the differences are described in an author’s note at the end of the book. Conn has managed to present this phenomenal era of history in a very captivating manner indeed. It tells how he developed and improved his assault tactics. If nothing else, read the book for the account of this battle alone. One can never master language. I’m hardly a Mongol expert but I know there was more to their society and their people than that.

I make an connn to give you the information so you can make an informed decision before reading. They are anxious to be off, but he is determined to wait for the Khan of the Uighur to show up with the five thousand soldiers he wishes to have. I’m looking forward to reading the final bw in the trilogy about this larger than life historical figure.

HarperCollins Publishers Ltd Availability: Sep 29, Alice Poon rated it liked it Shelves: As I stated previously in my review of that first installment, Iggulden does a superior job of making this complex, enigmatic figure come to life. Conn Iggulden taught English for seven years and it’s evident. This books starts off with Genghis completing his subjugation of the Mongol tribes under his banner before marching on his hated enemies, the Chin, and we end at the walls of Yanjing Beijing There are a lot of large set piece battles this book, but most notable was the battle of Badger Mouth where the Mongols bypassed the choke cobn by climbing what the Chin thought were impassable peaks – especially in winter.

To ask other readers questions about Genghisplease sign up. There’s always another angle to set this complex gift of God. For someone that was so affected by his relationship with his own father, I am interested in Genghis the Father and husband. If that sounds interesting to you, check it out–but don’t miss the first Genghis book, bo is one of the few coming-of-age stories not only tolerated but liked.


Another fascinating read from Iggulden 4 stars In one incident, Genghis’ brother Khasar is forced to defend his honour against the sons of a lesser Khan. Lords of the Bow known as Genghis: Please email webmaster fantasticfiction. Overall, this volume paints a picture of a far sighted man who was prepared to go to some amazing lengths to reach his goal.

Gli uomini igguldden fanno per vedere chi ha la forza igguldfn contrastarli.

Well, if the above adage is an accurate sentiment, than I think it’s equitable to concede that Genghis Khanruler of the mightily manly Mongolsvanquisher and subjugator of a quarter of the known world, was Genghis Khan had no formal education. This second installment maintains the high standards of the first. Genghis Lords of The Bow Author s: Retrieved from ” https: There is very little shown in terms of planning and development for these battles.

It’s very well written and in terms of description and sense of place, takes you right there. For centuries, primitive tribes have warred with one another. Also in The Khan Dynasty.

Lords of the Bow

He lavishly rewarded those who fought with him and took care of the families of those who died in battle. Dec 24, Mizuki rated it it was amazing.

All of this gives some real meat to the conquest theme of the novel.