Once upon a time the Blood Sorcerer vanquished the kingdom of Elden. To save their children, the queen scattered them to safety and the king filled them with. NALINI SINGH New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author. Nalini Singh loves writing paranormal romances. Currently working on two ongoing series. Have you read LORD OF THE ABYSS? I wrote it as part of a series with three other authors, but it stands fully alone too, if you just want to ready.

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A continuity is a short series where each book is written by a different author, but there is a backstory that runs through all of the books. View all 5 comments. I loved his arrogance and his determination. If it were up to her, they would never have gotten together. She strained her ears but heard only silence. They were just lf cute together, especially since Micah’s never been isngh courting couples and as such, he is, in a way, very child-like when it comes to wooing Liliana.

Lilliana is afraid to believe that such a beautiful, sensual, powerful man would want her when he can have his pick between much lovelier lasses than herself. A young boy when Elden was overthrown, he was sent to the Black Castle at the edge of the Abyss essentially hell and claimed as its new lord.

Just lacking the WOW factor tge.

But basically I was kind of still in gear for more story when it ended. Click here to cancel reply. June 18, Publication Date: Even though it was stated she was unattractive in general, the hero never looked or treated her that way.

I was at the point of giving up lrod the fo altogether when I remembered my friend Erika’s praise for this boo Sinh was very reluctant to start Lord of the Abyssto be perfectly honest. But her body was debilitated beyond bearing by the blood she had spilled to make the nalin, her wrists spotted with it, though her magic had sealed the wounds.


But that was a lie, she thought as he crouched down beside her, his boots heavy in her line of sight. Looking up, she met his gaze as he loomed over to take Bitty from her protesting arms. Arms wrapped around him, she kissed him, halting the flow of his words. The baker keeps it as a pet, though the kitten is forever spitting and clawing at everyone she meets.

You see, Micah was only five when he was cursed, and he remained a child inside.

She felt her feet brush the stone, too, but Bard just held her in a more restrictive way, ensuring she took no injury. Perhaps it was futile, but she could no more help it than a cornered animal could stop itself from striking out.

Desert Isle Keeper

I absolutely loved it. Still, she examined her roommate carefully. Not that I’m complaining, but it did slow down the plot.

As the dark Lord who condemns souls to damnation in the Abyss, Micah is nothing but a feared monster wrapped in impenetrable black armor. He also loved her despite her ugly appearance, seeing her true beauty within.

Nalini Singh’s Weblog: Lord of the Abyss Re-release

nzlini For those who are wondering, yes you can very well skip to the last and still know what the fuck was going on. His castle held within it the gateway to the Abyss, the place where the servants of evil were banished after death to suffer eternal torment at the hands of the basilisks and the serpents, and he was the guardian of that terrible place.

Please send all requests through my agent. Everyone always said her father was a blood sorcerer, but there was no blood here, so they had to be wrong.


Lord of the Abyss – Nalini Singh :: NYT bestselling author

I really liked the brave Lily, who naljni her way out of the dungeon with the promise of palatable meals, to earn Micah’s trust and help him to start to remember himself by giving him ‘tastes’ of his childhood. Abysw we have a virgin hero and the author does well with this. The only tiny thing that might have bothered me if everything else wasn’t so perfect, is the ending.

As it was, one of her hands slammed up against the cold black of his armor. The first 3 books didn’t have an ending nor did I feel any of naalini were truly tied to one another which is what I was expecting. Micah was kind of this sweet to Liliana yet oblivious man. All he has tue seen in the eyes of others, is fear. Decent suspense and action scenes. He is the Lord of the Black Castle, guardian of the Abyss who is charged with collecting the dark souls that ultimatel Sadly, this is the last book of the Royal House of Shadows series.

Lord of the Abyss. I didn’t realize singy there was actually a bonus book by Nalini Singh at the end of the ebook which I didn’t read. It was what this series needed and Singh definitely delivered. As always, Nalini Singh comes back to tease us with more unconditional love and hot sex scenes!