Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Logos Mantra Theurgy: Gnosis and the Powers of the Magi (Timeless Gnostic Wisdom) at The Logos. Invocation: The Holy Spirit. We knew a man named John. He was an excellent theurgist! He knew how to consciously travel in his “Astral Body.”. There are no articles in this category. If subcategories display on this page, they may have articles. Alchemy and Kabbalah in the Tarot · Aztec Christic Magic.

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John Morgan marked it as to-read Dec 25, He was an excellent Theurgist!

Logos Mantra Theurgy : Gnosis and the Powers of the Magi

When the Kundalini reaches the larynx, one acquires the capacity to speak in the Language of the Light. But everything was futile! The letters of that golden language are written in entire Nature. At the same time, he will vocalize that vowel U, which will be pronounced for a long time, in a semi- deep tone: Narrow is the Door and narrow is the path that leads logps Light!

Logos Mantra Theurgy : Samael Aun Weor :

At that moment exactly, Jesus entered through the pineal gland located at the upper part of the head, the shining Dragon of Wisdom, the Internal Christ. We have been created by the Third Logos! We deny thee our children to devour! Well, the aforementioned woman visited one, her cousin, who lived in a certain city.


This is the Second Logos, the perfect Multiple Unit. This work is hard, arduous, and terribly difficult. An in-depth analysis of these two Excellencies leads us to the conclusion that, indeed, these are two aspects of the Being, two modifications of the soul of the world: The Tenebrous people of loos Dagdugpa Clan teach the shadow of that Path, the antithesis, fatality.

Logos, Mantra, Theurgy, a book by Samael Aun Weor

Spirits of Malchuth, lead me betwixt the two pillars upon which rests the whole edifice of the Temple! Theurgy Samael Aun Weor last instant of that Reincarnation, the second to the last, old age, maturity, youth, adolescence, childhood. Then, imagine looking at between the eyebrows of that enemy. Undoubtedly, that Master finds it feasible to take the disciple out, consciously, in the Astral Body. Seated among them, he took part in the logso and was really glad.

John grant the power to prophesy, because they produce the awakening of consciousness. In the same manner, there are a large number of Man trams to come out in the Astral Body, or to control lohos, the air, the waters, and the earth; and others by which the capacity for defending oneself from the Tenebrous Entities which live in the Matram, are acquired. And the two children of oil are bom in the Sacred Lake, in the Lake of Jenezareth.


The distribution of said Mantram is as follows: We would be authentic Gods! He realized that his Physical Body had stayed asleep in bed!

Full text of ” Occult Books”

Juan, floating around him, made another attempt. No trivia or quizzes yet. Set aside all gestures of impatience!

Imagine this heart like a Tabernacle that stores i nf inite love. The warning has been made that, in life, the Theurgist should never ejaculate the entity of the Semen.

EXORCISM OF SALT In isto sale sit sapientia, et ab omni corruptione servet mentes nostros et corpora nostra, per Hochmael et in viitute Ruach-Hochmael, recedant ab isto fantasmata hylae ut sit sal coelestis, scd terrae et terris salis, ut nutrieturbos triturans et addat spei mantrm cornua auri volantis. A few days later that Secret Society was dissolved and failed completely.

There is always a step where one begins. Sunk in tbeurgy meditation, the student will voca lize trying to lull himself to sleep.

His friends were dressed — some with sweaters, others wore suits commonly worn by the urban life man.