Liana Badr is a well-known Palestinian novelist, and short story writer, also a journalist, poet and cinema director. Born in in Jerusalem, she was raised in. Liana Badr was born in in Jerusalem to a nationalist family, and was Badr published her first novel in Beyrouth in , A Compass for the Sunflower. Liana Badr is a Palestinian writer who was born in Jerusalem and left Jericho as a teenager during the Arab-Israeli conflic. She is a prolific writer of novels.

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She was punished for believing in justice and freedom. Published by Tobgal in Morocco, this epic novel is based on seven years of research into Palestinian women refugees oral history. In bdr published her first novel A compass for the sunflower English translation Women’s Press, I consider myself to be the descendent of three cities, one could say a trinity, in Palestine.

The City and the Writer: In Jerusalem with Liana Badr – Words Without Borders

Three cities run in my veins: In that beautiful house, I learned the elegant art of language while in the company of my extended family lianaa my father, a political detainee, was often absent. This short story collection was published by Dar el Adab in Beirut.

Help WWB bring you the best new writing from around the world. I preserved the house in my documentary film Zaytunat. My cousin there would pay extra attention to me, and take me with her on all of her outings in the Old City. It is there that I feel a sense of calm spread throughout my whole body.

In this tree, I made myself a special home, one that my relatives could never reach. When I was eleven years old, I heard the stories of children who had been left all alone in the world because they lost their families to Zionist gangs during battles that took place in Palestine in It was translated in into English by Interlink, NY. I shared many stolen cups of tea with them in our bedrooms late llana night. He always had a smile on his face when he told me about my habit of dancing in the street as he held my hand every time we passed by the small local coffee shop called Mona because the owner used to play Oum Kalthoum on the radio there.


Bafr was confiscated by Israel when it annexed land belonging to the Arab University in Jerusalem, along with the land of the Issawiyah neighborhood just next door.

I exhausted the members of my family, who would try desperately to get me to climb down from baxr berry tree I loved and refused to leave. My school housed many orphans from Deir Yaseen who lost their families in times of war.

Arabic and English Language s you write in: Like what you read? Want to know which Banipal issue an author is in? That is what Jerusalem will always be for me; toward Jerusalem alone, I feel this kind of pull.

Jerusalem was the place where I first felt a sense of belonging to human history, among its narrow alleyways, old corners, and holy places. I feel like a tree that was planted in Jerusalem; I feel I was born from the wombs of its old stones.

Selected Works by this Author. In the garden of my childhood home, I learned to differentiate between different types of trees. Every city or place, then, develops its own unique personality as it accumulates, day after day, the residue of human history, much of which is then immortalized in the very material of the place itself. Translated from the Arabic by Suja Sawafta.

Liana Badr – IMDb

I also studied in many different schools in Jerusalem. I learned how to climb them, and how to run and hide behind their branches when children gathered to play there in the late afternoon, or when it was time to pick their fruits. I would hide from the summer sun behind its vast green leaves and its scarlet-colored fruit, and from its branches, I would construct steps that would take me up to the height of the sky.

Palestinian actor and director Mohammad Abdr recorded footage of me standing in front of the house and included it in his own documentary film By Nathalie Handal Special Series: I never missed the opportunity to watch films of any kind, and I would memorize entire scenes from Liqna movies that were bsdr only popular with us, the children, but with the older generation as well.


We shared our worries, our love for each other, and stolen bits of bread that we used to hide in our pockets as we left the cafeteria. There are even engravings in Dair Salahiyya that are said to make a complete map of Jerusalem dating back to the first Christian era. This short story collection was published in Aden, Yemen in by Dar el Hamadani.

I saw the world through the eyes of its visitors and pilgrims, its guests and residents from around the world. I often substituted its fruit for all of my meals. This book was published by Dar el Fata el Arabi in Cairo. Peter Clark and The Eye of the Mirror, trans. Her name is Suheir Al-Hajj and we are now in constant communication despite the fact that she lives on another continent.

We were filled with joy every Friday because we had the opportunity to see two films with one ticket at one of the local cinemas. I eventually became a human encyclopedia with detailed information on all types of actors, both foreign and Arab. Jerusalem is the city that taught me my first life lesson.

Liana Badr

After the Palestinian exodus from Lebanon, she lived in Damascus, Tunis, Amman, and returned liqna Palestine in From the graves of sultans, to the Resurrection, to the tomb of the Ottoman Sultan Suleiman, many historical eras and deep and meaningful human experiences can be drawn out. Samira Kawar, 4 collections of short stories, two poetry collections and four books liwna essays. This first novel was published by Dar Ibn Ruchd in Beirut, to wide acclaim.

She is a married mother of two.