Lebensohl over Notrump interference, Opponents’ Weak 2, Opener Reverse. George Boehm originally attributed the convention resolving opponent’s notrump . Lebensohl is a contract bridge convention used by responder after an opponent’s overcall of a one notrump (1NT) opening bid in order to compete further in the. According to Mr. Edgar Kaplan, a leading bridge personality of former times, the origin of the lebensohl convention seems to have been lost to history. In the late.

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The convenion is an immediate jump to 3NT, natural. The opener bids 3 No Trump without a 4-card Major suit, and otherwise bids his 4-card Major suit.

He denied any responsibility though, possibly foreseeing the thousands of Lebensohl bidding accidents to come. This bid is not forcing.

lebensohl – Bridge Articles – Bridge with Larry Cohen

Boehmborn in the year and died in the yearof New York City, United States, who was a retired editor, mathematician, graduate of Columbia University, writer for the magazines LbensohlNewsweek and Scientific American brixge for The Bridge Worldwho published an article about the convention in The Bridge World magazine in Novemberand, for a lack of anything better, called it the lebensohl convention. See below for how to use Lebensohl to make a two-suited slam try.


But, he can also bid that 3NT the delayed way as in:. Your Lebensohl stopper auction revolves around his known suit.

Redouble is penalty, showing invitational-or-better values and an interest in doubling their runout suit. That’s the easy part.

If you took away the king completely, you would make a negative double. It neither shows xonvention denies a stopper. Lebensohl after a conventional overcall. If partner has extra values, he’ll bid on. If the opponents have bid a minor, then this asks opener to bid his lowest 4-card major at the cheapest level.

Lebensohl (After a 1NT opening bid)

Promises a stopper in the opponents’ suit. Notice that advancer now has 3 point ranges he can show —, and game-going. After 1NT – [2C] – 2NT, partner’s 3C bid takes away your 3-level cuebid, so there’s not much point in using Lebensohl when you hold a 4-card major.

This is a matter of partnership agreement. Advancer has a good hand — 11 good points and up.

Lebensohl Over Weak Two Bids

If RHO makes a bid that shows:. Game values, no lebensoh, no stopper — Bid a direct 3NT. If the opponent opened a weak 2D, Lebensohl-then-4D is a slam-try with both majors.


This is a very poor 7 pts.

Lebensohl Over Weak Two Bids

There are other parts to learn. General List of bridge competitions and awards. However, Boehm does recount that in preparation for a competition in New York in late lfbensohl, his convention card had the entry “Lebensohl when you overcall our notrump opening”. With a hand that will make game opposite an average of about pts.

The direct fast auction an immediate cuebid or jump to 3NT denies a stopper. It is artificial and shows one of the following hand types: You can also use Lebensohl treatments after RHO makes an artificial or two-suited overcall. The advantages are that each response can be recognized and determined as to whether they are:.

Since you can use the cuebid-then-4S to show a slam-try, the Lebensohl-then-4S sequence could be a slam-forcing hand that asks partner to cuebid. Should you strain to bid vulnerable games?

This full auction would be: Several of the more popular and artificial conventional defense convengion are listed below:.