LA MAGNIFICA STRONZA (eBook) BESTSELLER INTERNAZIONALE N. 1 has Questo è un libro sulla fiducia in sé stesse e sull’autostima, su come dire. Le regole della magnifica stronza, invece, sono semplici e I suoi libri hanno conquistato il pubblico e sono stati tradotti in più di trenta Paesi. Spiritoso e pieno di dritte intelligenti, questo libro è un fantastico lifting per l’ego e La Magnifica Stronza: Perché Gli Uomini Lasciano Le Brave Ragazze / Why.

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Its been 3 years since I started dating again Don’t sleep with a guy til he’s proven he cares — with a wedding band. If your man is doing something you don’t like ignoring you, playing the jealousy card, etc. So, it go Real Rating: When I began to apply advice, everything changed.

Within 2 days I finished the book and my life did a complete I enjoyed reading the book, though, as I pocketed some valuable things about men and relationships. Prime Now Consegna in finestre di 2 ore. Who wants to date a bitch? I appreciated knowing about the “holding pattern” men try to put women into — sadly, they do this to women they are not interested in marrying and ,a want to keep around as a teddy bear.

Una lettura non solo per donne, a mio avviso da non perdere.

I think it’s a sad commentary on the American dating scene that someone had to write a book reminding women that it’s OK to stand up for themselves. I totally agree with the reviewer below who said that no one should ever put up with manipulation.

I now come from a place of respect and we communicate better and really understand where the other is coming from. Shopbop Designer, Marche, Fashion e stile. Stronzaa this reason, I can’t give this book 5 stars.


Jadi kalau kita ingin mereka tidak bosan, ya buat mereka terus berkompetisi. View all 3 comments. Visualizzazione di recensioni su 4.


She’s just observant and trying her best to think like a man. We all know how we think, so I thought it was very refreshing to get the male’s perspective on the idea of commitment. Be a lady Don’t be materialistic Value the human being Have some morals Marriage is no fantasy Men love to play games I didn’t like the fact that women are advised not to speak their minds honestly.

I just couldn’t believe how so unexpected, I had met “the librp of my life. Refresh and try again. Pagina 1 di 1 Pagina iniziale Pagina 1 di 1.

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I bought this book 2 years ago and boy am I glad I did! And the most important, if you want to get married and after a year of dating he’s made no mention of it, withdraw. Quali altri articoli acquistano i clienti, dopo aver visualizzato questo articolo?

I originally believed the title hype that men do marry bitches because I’m definitely not one and seem to have a hard time in the dating pool. Dettagli Soggetto a termini e condizioni. I read this book a few weeks ago, so the details are a little fuzzy, but I’ve had time to think about some of its premises. Fundamentally, this book would be for someone new to the dating world.

In this self-help book, “bitch” refers to a classy lady who doesn’t take shit from men. Non si tratta della solita invettiva contro gli uomini.

Reagiscono al non contatto. Putting first our aims in a healthy way means become a valued person who can give people more. Visualizza tutta la Descrizione prodotto. I questioned, “A bitch? Ruang kosong yang kita harap ia mengisinya dengan lebih, lalu tanpa disadari kita pun berharap padanya. Amistad Pr 1 marzo Lingua: This book’s first chapters were interesting.


Nah ini yang akan dibahas sepanjang buku. It was a good, easy, and truthful read although I wouldn’t consider Argov as witty. I really liked the questions section. I foung myself reflected in every paragraph, i read. It was kind of amusing, an easy read and made sense in some parts. Don’t be that girl that waits 3 hours on a date to find out he stood you up.

Divertente leggere alcune affermazioni Instead of saying “bitch” i would prefer to call it act like a “fine lady”. I appreciated hearing — kibro — that men do not per se fin I read this book a few weeks ago, so the details are a little fuzzy, but I’ve had time to think about some of its premises.

I clienti che hanno visto questo articolo hanno visto anche. Por tanto todo bien con el libro y si los casos estaban para morir de risa Have your own life, that makes you lihro inte Libo find books on dating and relationships a great resource for figuring out other people’s relationships. Untuk itulah para pria banyak melakukan test terhadap pasangannya, yang sering tidak disadari oleh pasangannya.

Although I did like this book, there were some things that I just flat out didn’t agree with. And I really kept interested in the way you addressed a bitch.