Shihan ni rei, Bow to the karate master. Shinzen ni rei, Bow to show respect for the dojo. Sensei ni rei, Bow to the karate teacher. Sempai ni rei, Bow to the karate . Terminology for Beginners. If you are new to Kyokushin, it may seem difficult to understand what’s going on. But don’t worry, everyone started out feeling exactly . West Island Karate and Karaté de L’Île are Kyokushin Karate schools in Beaconsfield and Île-Perrot on the west island of Montreal, General Terminology.

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The event was no doubt the greatest karate tournament ever held in Australia and it is with great excitement that we are now able to bring to you the high quality video of the tournament kykoushin DVD. Sune Gedan Mawashi – Geri. Right and Left Inverted-Fist Strike.

Get into position, prepare. Ready both mentally and physically YAME ya-may: Seiken Tate Jodan – Tsuki.

Terminology for Beginners

Morote Chudan Uchi – Uke. Jodan Mae Hiza – Geri.


Haisoku Ge dan Mawashi -Geri. Jodan Ushiro – Geri. Any grade below a black belt. The retracting arm of a punching, blocking, or striking technique.

Tobi Yoko – Geri. A must buy for every practising student of Kyokushin Karate. You will koykushin able see each match kwrate competitors vie for the championship. Chudan Ushiro – Geri. The word OSU in it’s basic translation means to push, to endure, therefore the implication is that one will push oneself to the limit of one’s ability.

Helps release air from the lungs and relax the upper body so that the technique is more effective. Grades 8 to 1 – all color belts.

Terminology | Budo Karate

Rising Inverted-Fist Strike to the Jaw. Shihan Tony Bowden – Australia. In this kata, the hands are raised and the fingers meet to form an opening through which the sky is viewed. germinology

Hiji Age – Ate. Seiken Tate Chudan Tsuki.

Shotei Morote Soto – Uke. Chudan Mawashi – Geri.

Please visit the web site http: Shuto Mawashi – Uke. Indicates respect, acknowledgement, willingness and readiness to follow. Photos of the Terminology. Seiken Ago – Uchi. Shuto Morote Chudan Uchi- Uke. Chudan Mae Hiza – Geri.


The book is so complete, that I am mandating that all students have their very own copy. Hiji Oshiro – Uchi. Shotei Chudan – Uchi. Koken jodan – Uke. Seiken Chudan Soto – Uke. Uraken Shita – Uchi. Haisoku Ch udan Mawashi -Geri. A term reserved for the chief instructor of the dojo, and other high-ranking members. The top and bottom points of the Kanku represent the first fingers of each hand touching at the top and the thumbs touching at the bottom, symbolizing the peaks or ultimate points.

Karate Terminology

Hiji Chudan – Ate. Haito Chudan Uchi – Uke. Hiji Oroshi – Uchi. Descending Inverted-Fist Strike to the Face. Gedan Mawashi – Geri. The Calligraphy The calligraphy is a symbol of Kyokushinkai. Tobi Hiza – Geri. Tobi Oshiro – Geri. Tettsui Ganmen – Uchi. Hiji Yoko – Uchi.