Hello to everybody, This is my first post here although I have been following the forum for quite a while! I’ve been playing blues and rock on guitar for years and. This garbage pick four-string tenor guitar accompanies Kurt on “Polish Song” (” The Guitarteachers and authors of guitar methods like to argue over what the ” best” here allows for example in the book “Intervallic Improvisation – The Modern. Learn how to play 5 cool guitar licks in the style of Kurt Rosenwinkel.

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E, B and D-string are keeping their relative relation but are gaining warmth through their “flat-key” tuning.

Your money would be better served getting a teacher to check out your playing and advise on the best way to build on the blues and rock skills you already have. About 1, different voicings in all positions and drops are presented, including complete 3-note and bopk voicings with specially designed guitar diagrams. For his latest work as a leader “Enemies Of Energy”, he employed a red Gibson and a purely acoustic nylonstring of unknown brand, bought for him by methd player Ben Street in Turkey.

To me it doesn’t seem that I’ve been working hard because I’ve always discovered something. In pages, the book provides a vast store of material for compositional and improvisational use.

The Music of Kurt Rosenwinkel: Kurt Rosenwinkel Guitar Method Book

Eb down a halfstepBb halfstep lowerAb a whole step higherDb halfstep lowerG a whole step lower and Bb down a tritone. If you do let him touch the keys it’ll be some time before you can get him off again. For recording Kurt likes to have his amp miked with a single microphone.


Very often, the person asking this question would also turn out to know impressive three standards He says that in the last couple of years he hasn’t transcribed much but still considers it a worthwhile occupation. Ave building with “Stella”. From his guitar Kurt runs his signal through a RAT distortion pedal such as the one used by Scofieldgoing into a Line 6 Delay, followed by a Lexicon MPX effect processor of its many programs Kurt almost exclusively uses a “hall” or “large plate” reverb and finally amplified by a Polytone bassamp with a 15′ speaker from the 80’s.

Technique Watching Kurt play up close quickly shows that he has thoroughly dealt with all aspects of the merhod.

The Kurt Rosenwinkel Forum ยป Topic: Guitar method book suggestions for newbie!

With all the information out there, there’s always a risk of becoming overwhelmed. I didnt really like all the chords and the way they showed the scales but all the duets are awesome. Another one of his personal exercises consists of playing a different orsenwinkel on every quarter methos half note over a standard progression.

In the merhod you might be treated to pieces by Thelonious Monk or a version of “Eyes So Beautiful As Yours” by Elmo Hope, whose chromaticism and controlled dissonance he admires. Other than that, Tim Miller’s site is awesome and definitely worth subscribing too. John Coltrane should also be cited as a strong influence on Kurt.

Guitarteachers and authors of guitar methods like to argue over what the “best” right hand picking technique is.

His love for the piano is evident. I kinda feel that those books are a bit obsolete and im really confused. Guitad his many guitars there is only one, that he has stayed faithful to through all the years. Among his idols are also piano legends such as Bud Powell and Keith Jarrett, which as Kurt puts bok certain aspects in their playing that he tries to emulate. Alternative Tunings Kurt reports that at a certain point his knowledge about voicings led him into a crisis.


To me Kurt among many other notable musical distinctions is a big fan of triads.

Thank you for your answer. After many years of practicing Kurt has come to the conclusion that playing from the elbow for speedfrom the wrist for positioning the picking hand over the strings as well as from the fingers for articulation all have their individual advantages. The book also includes all triad-pairs hexatonics and their combinations in melodic exercises. The frequently encountered reservations that many students and some professional musicians alike seem to have about their own original compositions are not a problem for Kurt.

Many full voicings are accomplished with his left-hand thumb reaching around the neck. When I ask guktar what are my weaknesses? Timpap, You’ve got a LOT of information between the books you list in your original post. On sunny days during his stint in Boston he could be sighted sitting in front of Berklee’s Mass.