Classroom doodling, playing the Lottery – whatever forms of dreaming take your fancy, there are some fantasies you’re. Find great deals for Krell KAVi 2 Channel Integrated Amplifier. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Product: Krell KAV i – + watts integrated amplifier. Manufacturer: Krell Analog Inc. Approx. price: 3, Euro/$ (maybe lower in the US, maybe higher.

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I normally play my music at db however I sometime ramp up the sound to a kav-300l db. This of course means that the KAVi cost less to make and was affordable for many more folks.

Krell KAV-300i Integrated Amplifier Repair & Restoration

This amplifier will mainly be operated, I expect, via the remote-control handset, a satisfactorily chunky plastic molding. Recording of January Thanks Rodd, your feedback is always appreciated and really happy you liked the article!

This is my first dusty look at the interior of the amplifier. The answer also lies in backing away from Krell’s earlier design philosophy of maintaining the amplifier’s output voltage into very low impedances, 1 ohm or below.

Much cleaner now with krelll boards, new parts and clean chassis.

These are really nice amps and can be restored very effectively by the right technician. There were also a few dry joints for good measure. This is the underside for those playing along at home.

A big thank you to Patrick Krell because, kav-30i that stuff, working on gear like this is much more difficult.


After reassembly, I spent considerable time testing, adjusting and had to pull her apart again. Note that, although the volume change is constant and in very fine steps, there are only 11 LEDs; the number suggests a familiarity with the work of that great band, Spinal Tap. Octave Audio V krel, SE integrated amplifier.

Apologies for this blurry naked shot… Main-board out and ready for re-work. Just uttering the phrase ‘ Krell Integrated Amp ‘ is almost heretical, and you expect lightning bolts from Connecticut to shoot right up your arse. I replaced literally every electrolytic capacitor in this amplifier, simply because so many were bad. Due to the Krell’s aggressive nature and its high resolution and the resolving nature of the tweeters its playing through, its not without many surprising and delightful sonic air snacks.

The KAVi is based on traditional Krell designs, made from no-compromise parts selection, bomb-proof construction and wide-bandwidth, fully krsll, complementary circuitry.

Krell KAVi 2 Channel Integrated Amplifier | eBay

You get five inputs, including the tape monitor facility. There was also a precedent in the KST, krelll modestly priced Wpc Krell power amplifier that found favor in Europe a few years back. Kingko Audio and Omega.

Note that the loudspeaker terminals remain active even if the unit is run only as a preamp. Original skinny, but electrically perfect, axial caps!

Naim Audio Uniti Nova integrated amplifier-media player.

NAD C integrated amplifier. Stereophile’s Products of But how could I resist having a little fun by trying the Krell with the Sonus Kav-300u Concertinos or should that be Concertini?

Krell KAV-300i 2 Channel Integrated Amplifier

Sure, it will still be capable of frying a 3 ohm load, but you shouldn’t expect the bass slam that you get with an amplifier designed to drive lower impedances. Trending Price New. The Acoustic Research integrated amplifier. Log in or register to post comments. Peachtree Audio nova integrated amplifier. Joan Baez In Concert, Part 2.


The answer lies partly in the growth of Home Theater, an area where Krell has been gaining experience with good-quality, competitively priced, multi-channel amplifiers. I use Polk LSI9 speakers and am quite pleased. So, if you back off from the unbreakable, drive-anything amplifier-design philosophy and say, “Hey, let’s be reasonable, let’s forget those possible 1 and 2 ohm loadings, and instead target and specify for well-designed kaav-300i and 8 ohm nominal speaker systems.

But it tells us a lot more than that. Very nice capacitors here. The main fault was distorted audio. See details for description of any imperfections. Create new account Request new password.

The preamp board performs preamplifier switching and line level buffering. I grew to like the handset with its dulled finish and positive-click membrane-type buttons. Accessible only from the remote is balance adjustment, in 1dB increments; an extra LED indicates when that same row of 11 red Iav-300i indicates balance or level, the system reverting to the latter after five seconds of control inactivity.