The tent-like structure with its three-layer envelope will provide shelter to Khan Shatyr Entertainment Center, Kazakhstan – the world’s tallest. Khan Shatyr (“Royal Marquee”) is a transparent tent located in Astana Built in a neofuturist style Khan Shatyr Entertainment Center. Khan Khan Shatyr Entertainment Center, the highest tensile structure in the world. Wikimedia | ©. the ‘khan shatyr entertainment centre’, the world’s tallest tensile structure, celebrated its grand opening in astana, kazakhstan earlier this week.

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UK Katharine Hamnett London. Obviously the building needs to be heated in the winter and cooled in the summer. But there are some key differences. The answer was to enclose the pool areas inside a secondary ETFE clad space. This is much more like bridge design and construction, where they are much braver. The Olympic Park is a structure that succeeds in embodying the aspirations of the Olympic athletes who competed in Munich in lhan So how was this amazing structure designed and built, and could it share the same fate as the Millennium Dome?

In winter, a key challenge is to prevent the formation of ice on the inside of the envelope; this is achieved by a combination of temperature control and directing warm air currents up shatur inner surface of the fabric, a strategy that also prevents downdraughts.

The ultimate aim of the building is to provide Astana with a range of civic, cultural and social amenities all year round, whatever the weather. Energy structurw is mitigated by being generous with shayyr temperature tolerances.

The cables were attached to long adjusters at the base which were wound in for the final tensioning. Stucture good news is the ETFE is a good insulator and helps harness solar gain.

Rather than a tent, which by its very nature symbolizes a kind of freedom of movement, an ability to “pick up stakes” and go at a moment’s notice, Foster has built Nazarbayev, and in turn Kazakhstan, a beautiful cage. The UK firms did concept design with shatyf taken on by local firms.


Another wheeze was running heating wires through sttucture concrete so it could cure in the freezing conditions. This principle is followed at the Khan Shatyr: Located at the northern end of the city’s formal axis, the masted structure soars metres from a x metre elliptical base sructure form one of the highest peaks on the Astana skyline. The tubular-steel tripod structure supports a suspended net of steel radial and circumferential cables, which is clad with a three-layer ETFE envelope, formed as 3.

Grand opening of Khan Shatyr Entertainment Center, Kazakhstan the world’s tallest tensile structure

Over 1 million square feet under structurw and almost feet tall, Khan Shatyr “Royal Marquee” in English stricture not sip fossil fuels. The legs were pinned so structuure could move as if on a giant hinge.

Two levels of retail are built as two rings around the building perimeter with a concourse separating them. The illusion of motion so clear and engaging in Otto’s work has failed here, as has the illusion of progress it is supposed to embody. Our BatchGeo world MAP shows the locations of green architecture, green building and renewable energy projects featured on Solaripedia.

Kuan, attaching the cables to the support ring was the easy bit. For a start, the Khan Shatyr leans, and is elliptical rather than round. On the third level, the cool retail spaces change to a rather tacky seaside feel with dodgem cars and games machines.

Also, paired cables provide a stable base for the ETFE support points. It brings to mind our own Millennium Dome, another giant fabric clad structure that housed a theme park including a beach with real sand – although the Khan Shatyr, as the new building is called, manages to include real water too.


The fabric roof is constructed from ETFE -cushions provided by Vector Foiltec suspended on a network of cables strung from a central spire. The other leg was also hinged but attached to the top of the tripod rather than the bottom. Like the Dome, the m high Khan Shatyr is a spectacular khaan and engineering achievement. Also it would have been difficult to determine when the mast was in its final position.

Khan Shatyr Entertainment Centre | Projects | Foster + Partners

This had the advantage of requiring minimal temporary works, structhre cranes and less risky working at height. Building the world’s largest tent by Thomas Lane 16 July The tripod consisted of three legs supporting the head, which supports the cables. Go through the inner ring into the centre of the building and there is a huge multipurpose circulation space where the tripod sits.

This tent, you are told, isn’t going anywhere.

The translucent material allows daylight to wash the interiors while sheltering them from weather extremes. With all the cables attached to the adjusters, the tension was progressively increased.

Khan Shatyr Entertainment Center

He says on a cold, sunny day with temperatures of C outside the tent is 12C at the top of the tent. Putting up a single pole is fairly easy when erecting a small tent but not when the tent in question is 90m high the mast extends 60m beyond the strcuture of the building. The more difficult task was to pre-stress them to minimise deflection under loading, and to work out the degree of pre-stressing: In suatyr, fritting on the outermost foil layer provides solar shading.