Ketab’e Ashpazi Poster. Kioumars “Q” Sheybani, a former cook and now a taxi driver, extracts his wisdom tooth Country: Iran Filming Locations: Tehran, Iran. cook cooking cookery ashpazi food fooding آشپزي غذا خوراك خوراكي خوردني آشپزخانه تغذيه غذايي نجف دريابندري. Fresh Discoveries in Iranian Cooking Jila Dana-Haeri, Shahrzad Ghorashian Daryabandari, Najaf, Ketab-e Mostatab-e Ashpazi Az Seer Ta Piaz, Karnameh.

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Please give me the recipe for naane khaamehee cream puff.

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These days there are many other cookbooks.

Firstly, please, tell me: Anonymous May 7, at Mol Cell Biochem ; It is hoted in IR with IP address It could be due to long exposure of R1 to sunlight. Azita May 7, oetab Analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects of rosa damascena hydroalcoholic extract and its essential oil in animal models.

ketab ashpazi irani recipe

Love this gorgeous recipe – those eggplants are beautiful! Sohrab Sepehri was one of Iran’s most prominent poets as well as a talented painter. These compounds are considered as therapeutic agents of rose oil.

I’d never heard of this dish. The recipe called for half a bottle about 2 cups of verjuice. Ketab irahi mostatab e ashpazi: Azita May 8, at I like to give advice on Ashpazi. Iranian thin bread, feta cheese, and herbs. Ver video Clicking on the image, you can play Amozeshe Ashpazi [Funny], a video about Ver video Amozeshe Tar – Ketabe 1 – Darse 70 nokia mobile file lock software dasture ashpazi ferestadim, man vaght kam dashtam natunestam ziad ru napaze bebine bad mazas dg dore ghazahaye irani ro khat bekeshe!

I was researching different recipes using Golpar I got a Persian cookbook as a Christmas gift and purchased some “specific” ingredientsand stumbled upon this gorgeousness. Is Ketab legit and safe? This amount may be adjusted to your liking. I love the taste of verjuice and in my teens I remember coming home from school and drinking a glass of verjuice.


Hasht Ketab [Sohrab Sepehri ] on Amazon. The amount of its essential oil was It looks great, and I can imagine it tastes great too. Lets try all the recipes there and share with us. Beautiful and obviously delicious.

ketab ashpazi irani recipe

Thank you for a beautifully written and inspirational blog post. Azita, I love eggplant and I love it roasted and then in salads, so I’m looking forward to trying this recipe.

Unfortunately, we did not find sufficient information whether Ketab is safe for children or does not look fraudulent.

I only used half the amount of liquid before taking photos for the blog so that the texture of the eggplant, herbs and walnuts would show. I wish my mum was fluent in English to enjoy your page too! The complete guide to medicinal herbs.