Review of the KBSR/KSSR English Language Syllabus – Philosophy and design of syllabus – Features of syllabus, components and organization of curriculums. KBSR HSP Year 6 by gelamkhovan in Types > Government & Politics. THE SYLLABUS The English language syllabus at the primary school level specifies. KBSR ENGLISH Educational Emphases SYLLABUS. STANDARD The English Language Curriculum for Primary Schools aims to equip pupils with.

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The pupil can also be asked to make short notes on the major characteristics of each animal; these notes can later be used for teaching the skill of “describing an animal “.

She is expected to facilitate syllbaus effective education of the child, i. One teacher, whom I had the opportunity of observing, handled skill 4.

Some such measures could be:. Some of the above recommendations may be difficult to implement, but if the KBSR is to succeed, they have to be given serious attention as the system is heavily dependent on the role of the teacher.

The students would have to ask each other questions about personal jbsr Wh- questions such emglish “When is your birthday? Then, she asked the group to combine the sentences into a short story, which the group leader would read aloud to the class.

Asia TEFL 2014

The above recommendation is aimed at diminishing this problem. The task is a “meaning-focussed activity where the attention of a learner is focussed on the performance of a task rather than merely on the language needed to attain it. Maximum number of questions that can be asked is ten. It is important that the sullabus realizes the relevance of what he is learning; whatever he has learnt should play a meaningful role in his life, and help him attain the goals that he has set for himself.

What has happened in reality however is that the KBSR has spawned a proliferation of a new order of materials – mainly workbooks, some readers, and a few texts and kits. She is subject to parental and administrative pressure to provide evidence of ‘proper” teaching and assessment; for example, pupils’ books must contain extensive written work homework assignments that must exhibit evidence of marking, or correction, despite the fact that some teaching activities cannot be subjected to this kind of assessment.


Since language is a tool for communication, language learning should also lay stress on this factor. Despite this, many teachers rely heavily on workbooks because they lack both the time and expertise to create their own teaching materials. This would cater to the short attention span of young children. To illustrate this, let us take a look at skills Learning takes place in stages, so activities need to be planned according to goals and sub-goals, and terminal 2 skills and sub-skills.

KBSR- Constraints and Guidelines

Kbse students to come up with a list of categories in topics or areas other than “Food”. Each group consisted of mixed ability students, but the teacher accommodated the weaker ones by giving them easier sentences to “unjumble”. This situation implies that extra, or a different kind of guidance should be directed at the “weaker” students.

Ask students to name a few food-items, and list these on the board. They could channel some of the administrative duties to clerical staff, and appoint separate teachers for co-curricular activities. In order to carry out the englsih activities, students will have to use listening, speaking and writing skills.

For example, in order to teach skill 5. Moreover, it facilitates the reinforcement of learning since a particular discourse or sub-skill can be taught by using more than one englsih.

The child might thus be able to see the relevance of what he learns, and does. For example the KBSR syllabus recommends that the topic “Food” should be the vehicle for helping students acquire the skills mentioned above. The skill to be acquired should always be the ultimate goal of the lesson. There is no denying enflish the role of the KBSR teacher has become extremely challenging, especially in view of the fact that her change of role has received no bureaucratic recognition.

The enflish will fail unless the teacher fully understands the principles, aims and methodology that shapes the KBSR. Also, the authorities concerned should come up with measures that would act as hurdle-breakers and incentives.

WHAT IS KBSR? by Nuradila Waheeda Rosly on Prezi

There is also provision for individual, group and class work. Reinforce with examples – sweet, sour and savoury, vegetarian and non-vegetarian. At this juncture, it engliah be timely to note that variety should NOT supercede the unity within a lesson. There is, therefore, much duplication of work, not to mention ill-feeling among the teachers.


Another way is to create opportunities for individual, paired, group and class work. It is also an appropriate vehicle for skills integration across the stages of learning; language skills and sub-skills are integrated in a progression that reflects their use in natural contexts. The rules of the game are as follows: Also, whenever possible, groups should comprise of mixed-ability students, with the “weaker” ones handling the less difficult tasks.

Once students have grasped the idea, they should be allowed to formulate their own clues. Children at primary level can seldom perceive the long-term benefits of learning a particular skill.

She has to, quite often, cope with a frightening teacher-pupil ratio of 1: For example, if the final goal, or terminal skill is “to group words according to categories” KBSR In addition, it allows spontaneous feedback which is a very essential part of effective syllsbus. The KBSR system forbids the practice of “streaming” or “setting’ students into classes, as it believes that no child should be made to feel inferior or superior to his peers. Conduct a feedback session, Do remedial teaching or reinforcement, if necessary.

A good way to make provisions for these factors is to build in variety as an active ingredient during class activities.

Englisb of all, she has to be able kbsd surmount the innumerable obstacles that are at the moment proving to be major stumbling blocks in the effective implementation of the KBSR, for example, the teacher-pupil ratio 1: Activities in the KBSR classroom should thus be based on the realia, or genuine situations that would exist in the life of the learner.

Students who try should give evidence as to how they arrived at the answer. Well-designed tasks would extend learning beyond the classroom, and liberate the child to a point where he can view the broader environment enflish him as a source and resource of learning. However if another group guesses correctly, they get two marks. For example if a group can guess the answer within ten questions, they get four marks.