Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Katadyn Survivor 06 Desalinator at Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our. Katadyn Survivor • The world’s smallest desalinator. • Hand-operated desalinator for 1 – 6 people. • Provides litres of water per hour, ensures survival in. The smallest hand-operated emergency desalinator in the world.

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Ktaadyn, it needs a stable environment to distill water, something nearly impossible to achieve in a bobbing life raft. The final competitive product to the Survivors is the SeaPack Desalinator.

Just the same as all of the other products, it is better than nothing, but the forward-osmosis process takes over 5 hours to produce just over a pint of water.

It is also made of flimsy clear plastic, and the still is completely ruined with the slightest puncture, making it too fragile for extended use. Ask and answer Number of questions: Garmin Chart Plotters Fishfinders. Salt rejection is Compare 0 Open Close.

GPS – Hand Held. Katadyn Survivor 06 Water Desalinator Aquamate makes a popular model that is semi-durable and comes in a bright orange color to help aid rescue. The Survivor 35 is tough as nails, and differs usrvivor very slightly from the original Navy version.


Katadyn Survivor 06 Desalinator | Roxspur Measurement & Control Ltd

The handheld version costs about half as much as the Survivor 35, but price is negligible if an entire crew of more than two needs enough water to survive. Ask a Question about this Product. No sailor wants to be caught in a situation where he or she is completely devoid of fresh drinking water. Be done in 24 hours.

We stock an extensive range of gear for recreational boating, sailing and boats of all kinds. The membrane filters out salt, gunk and most other bacteria that contaminate sea water.

If it’s not up to snuff after you use it a couple times you can still bring it back. Nobody has rated this product yet Login and rate this katadn as first. Price match guarantee Find a lower price within 30 days? Is this still a go.

Katadyn Survivor 06 Water Maker

Please specify the quantity of the desired items before you add them to your cart Add to cart Add to wish list. Seth Johnson Hey guys and gals! Rail Fittings 1 Inch. If you require a larger quantity than we have available, you can still place your order.


Raymarine a95 In Review It is really amazing what high-tech marine companies are coming [ Reviews No reviews yet. Foul Weather Gear – Junior.

Weaver Davits and Parts. Its nominal 30oz ml per hour output is intended for survival situations only.

Katadyn Survivor 06 Water Desalinator

This results in less work to achieve fresh water. Standard equipment on sutvivor and commercial aircraft operating over water. Items which are cut to order rope, wire etcsoftware, chart cards and printed materials paper charts, books are not returnable. Available within days Available within days after your order has been placed This product is not currently in stock but it will be available within days after your order has been placed.