Hard Contact (Star Wars: Republic Commando, #1), Triple Zero (Star Wars: Republic Commando, #2), True Colors (Star Wars: Republic Commando, #3), Order. There have been several spinoff novels and short stories from the computer game Star Wars: Written by Karen Traviss, this series of novels and short stories primarily features Omega Squad, along with other recurring characters such as. Republic Commando: Triple Zero. Republic Commando: Hard Contact is the tie-in novel to the video game Republic Commando, written by Karen Traviss.

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Is The Republic Commando Series good, despite all the Karen Traviss Hate? : StarWars

They’re fine until there’s a really weird fascist bend. Before becoming a full-time novelist, she held various jobs, including defense correspondent, advertising copywriter, journalism lecturer, media liaison officer, and public relations manager, but for the most part she has worked as a journalist.

That kind of clears some things up. Specter of the Past Vision of the Future You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. Specter of the Past Vision of the Future A New Hope Episode V: Onslaught Dark Tide II: I did a little digging myself on the topic.

None of the other authors even reference them in their works, so the series has this Mandalorian subplot that appears every third book and feels out of place in a Jedi-oriented series such as the Legacy of the Force.


To be honest it was her treatment of The Jedi that made me like her. Star Wars Legends novels — Star Wars Episode II: Sacrifice and Legacy of the Force: Her treatment of Jaina Solo is absolutely idiotic. The critiques of the setting can be interesting at times, but when the alternative is a bunch of consequence-free warmongers who can do no wrong despite being a group of seemingly-Jedi-shaming killers it sort of makes everything silly. I put the last novel down because one of the characters I think BB?

Traviss was also planning on writing a sequel to Imperial Commando: To make Them fallible and not the heroes as everyone makes them out to be.

Star Wars Republic Commando: Hard Contact – Wikipedia

The republic commando series are great books to read. Hard contact is very much action oriented and almost reads like a darker TCW episode. Just got handed a list of characters and said go for it. I hope it trabiss you some closure. She goes into hiding and is sheltered with the help of a strange woman named Jinart.

Original trilogy Episode IV: The Republic Kaden series is fine, if heavily Mando-oriented. Fatal Alliance The Old Republic: Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet.

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Karen Traviss

The xommando three Republic Commando books are good. Because of this the book tends to be a bit slow at times. Hard Contact Novel Omega Squad: This Dark Horse Comics -related article is a stub.

Pages to import images to Wikidata. I read the kilo-5 trilogy that she wrote before i read thr RC books and i cant believe graviss bad she got. Jedi Healer Jedi Trial Yoda: On her official website, Traviss acknowledges that it was very helpful in starting her career, but warns that it now focuses exclusively on short fiction, which is unlikely to be a workable career.

I really hope so because I love the Commandos. She has been among the most active authors in the community, posting regularly on the StarWars.

Star Wars Republic Commando (series)

Book 5 of The Wess’har series. A friendly reminder that Karen hadn’t read any of the Manalorian history before she started writing. These debates broke out between Karen Traviss sometimes xommando fellow Fandalorians and the opposed fans she often referred to as “Talifans.

BloodlinesLegacy of the Force: