Go: A Novel [John Clellon Holmes] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Generally acknowledged to be the first Beat novel, go was originally. Go by John Clellon Holmes – book cover, description, publication history. Go, by John Clellon Holmes, is the first novel published by a member of the so- called Beat Generation of the s in the United States. The years immediately .

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Nov 06, Cherie rated it really liked it Recommends it for: All I have to do is avoid its failed ideas. If you’re going through a celllon life crisis,” this is the book for you. I first read it when I was 20, fifty years ago, and rereading it after all that time is a rather strange experience. Another of the characters in GoPaul Hobbes who represents Holmes himself doesn’t have dreams and visions like Stofsky, but gradually comes to realise that their values and their life of endless boozy partying are rather shallow.

Go: A Novel Summary & Study Guide

If you are reading the same edition as me, don’t read the forward first. So reading Go is very strange. But does he get a job? An early Beat Generation novel, but one that I only came across recently, it features characters based on Kerouac, Ginsberg etc.

The men clelllon mostly writers and poets, although the women in the book generally do not work in the arts. Clellon basically If you’re going through a “quarter life crisis,” this is the book for you.

Book review: Go, by John Clellon Holmes

However positive progression and the avant-garde within literature are, the advancement or stunting of the species View all 4 comments. But they are the generation I associate with alien things like Frank Sinatra, and males in suits and hats, and women wearing lipstick and nylon stockings, and people trying to get back on their feet after the war.


I felt moved at the end. Later there’s a shock of unexpected tragedy, then more totally unexpected comedy in the shadow of death, and next, tears were flowing, all within a few pages.

John Clellon Holmes Book Covers

A- The first novel of the Beat Generation. Towards the end we get to jhn the events that caused Ginsberg to get arrested, and soon after there is some pretty good comedy involving a sort of cleaning up of a crime scene, essentially.

Happily, he got drunk, hit the road and discovered spontaneous prose, which is really what made the beats “beat.

Still, the joohn Though not as lyrical or experimental as many of the other beat writers I’ve read, this book finds its own impressive voice in its commentary on the times. Nevertheless, Hobbes and Pasternak finish their novels, and Pasternak’s is accepted by a publisher. Books by John Clellon Holmes. As terrible and beautiful as The Great Gatsby. Chapters 14 and Chapters 12 and With many of the same “characters” different names, but based off of the same real life people in John Clellon Holmes, Go as in On the Road by Jack Kerouac, it’s hard not to comapre the two.

The book was such an amazingly clllon ride, even when it was at it’s most aimless wandering around in search of tea the characters seemed so vivid. Despite being published in the 50s it was full of sex and drugs and jazz.

After slogging through the middle and almost giving up, I found the third part a lot more interesting. Fifty years ago somehow seems quite close to the present, yet ten years earlier, when Holmes wrote, seems another world, another eon, another universe. Want to Read saving…. May 05, Tim Boroughs rated it really liked it.

Notable as being the first “beat” novel, Holmes’ debut novel presents a surprising perspective on the bohemian lifestyle of that famous core group of the beats. If one were to compare it to another beat work of literature, instead of “On the Road” I would say it has the raw immediacy of Ginsberg’s “Howl.


The other day I came across a question on Quora: Along with On The Roadthe best Beat book. They are the people who came home from the war, whom I used to meet in bars around Durban, those boozy old men. Holmes definitely takes a more sober view of everything than Kerouac did.

Both the narrator and the author are somehow detached from the life around him, and this detachment itself becomes one of the themes of the book. Retrieved from ” https: It is good to get a more grounded and critical assessment of the beat movement from such a close insider who.

There’s also lots of tooth-gnashing over the group’s use and abuse of alcohol and drugs, and A pretty great window into the inner workings of the Beats right before they started to publish and become famous. It’s also contains none of the passion and verve of Kerouac and other beat works, but this was Holmes’ admitted role with the beats, a somewhat detached observer on the fringe, rather than an ardent principal of the bea I enjoyed it, and it’s xlellon must-read for any beat aficionado.

He thinks of his friends, including one who had died, holems wonders if anyone had actually loved them. And so it all seemed rather wonderful, transported out of its time and place into some kind of beautiful timeless realm. Go, Part 2, Children in the Markets, Chapters Stofsky becomes inadvertently involved in crimes by friends he has been trying to help. Jack Kerouac was the same age as my father-in-law, who occasionally used to go drinking at the Malvern Hotel.