Giselle McKenzie trembled inexplicably as the sound of a low growl reverberated throughout the threads of her consciousness. Yet every time he placed his hand over hers, she heard that eerie, primitive growl. Book 2 of The Empress’ New Clothes: NO MERCY, tells us the story of King. Buy a cheap copy of No Mercy (Trek Mi Q’an, Book 2) by Jaid Black. Book 2 in the series Trek Mi Q’an Giselle McKenzie trembled inexplicably as the sound of a. Rem Q’an Tal, King of Sypar, High Lord of the Gryok Sectors knew that he was going to die soon if he didn’t find his Sacred Mate. He had been alive for.

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No Mercy (Trek Mi Q’an, #2) – Jaid Black • BookLikes (ISBN)

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Maid like how she interweaves other characters from past and future books. Here the heroine is carried around in a papoose and seems permanently impaled on the hero who seems to need to have sex almost constantly less he devolves.

Giselle certainly doesn’t like to be seen prancing around in public wearing nothing but two sheer scraps of fabric, but what else can she do?

And as an erotic read which is what the focus is supposed to be from what I see on the official site, it all read the same. Because they are aliens, no technology needs to be explained.

I really enjoyed that it was Giselle who ended up saving the day. Refresh and try again. Plus, I find the whole kidnapping a gal and then initating sex when she is scared as to close to rape despite the fact that supposedly she is enjoying it. It’s not all doom and gloom and she works out very quickly what soothes Rem and not all is without it’s rewards wink wink.

I’m willing to read about of far out, unconventional practices but the women are treated quite horribly in this book. I could not quite figure out how Rem and Giselle grew from lust to love and in part I think this was challenging for me because women are really playing such a subservient role.


He makes sure there’s no hanky panky and then takes her home to his planet, but they end up crashing and trying to get back home isn’t easy. I had first read this author in an anthology and thought I’d give her other books a try. DNF and will not finish. Yes with my favorite brother Kil Recommend: The review of this Book prepared by Debbie.

Rem and his small band of warriors, joined by his friend Lord Death, and a bound servant Yoli, and along with his new sacred mate, Giselle have mechanical trouble with their spaceship as they crash land on an unfamiliar alien world filled with predators. Dates from a re-read. It’s really degrading and I don’t care for it. Ich empfehle es eindeutig nicht weiter, auch wenn es von mir 2 Sterne mit Tendenz zu 3 bekommen hat! If you offend easily, this is not the book for you.

Rem after the Jera facade is slowly going mad and without finding his true Sacred Mate he will devolve into a basier animal instincts.

Still, a few offensive things are the utter and complete spoiling of the royal class and it makes them jad Hrm This book seemed emotionless to me in a way. To view it, click here. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

It’s not all doom Didn’t quite enjoy it as much as the first book, Giselle is kidnapped by her devolving mate, this is someone who after hundreds of years will devolve into a slathering mindless mad uaid after not being able to secure a mate.

No Mercy Book Summary and Study Guide

I recommend reading them in order. Just the idea that he is jaiid foot taller than her and my cover is much more offensive and explicit than this one feels a bit pedophilish, especially as he is carrying her in a papoose and fucking her as they walk through potential enemy territory.

Return to Book Page. The author used similar language in all of these books, which added to the humor. But there was this one part of the book where he forces his submission on jai a lot, where I wish these males would just unsterstand, their mate is coming from a whole different world and they need to be patient with her.


Jan 10, Dallass rated it it was ok Shelves: She’s 36 and doesn’t want to be a virgin anymore so she’s planning on wasting her hymen on this guy. So seven foot tall “alien” warrior and a human virgin female who is trying to adjust to her new life. Quite a bit happens in this one and they touch on stuff with Death and Kil and even with the daughters of Kyra and Geris. Yet every time he placed his hand nk hers, she heard that eerie, primitive growl.

Sharon rated it liked it Shelves: There were some good lines causing me to chuckle. Rem finally finds his mate but is still struggling to keep his grasp on haid when their ship home crashes on blwck random planet. It was a fun escape. Then they go through a portal to another world in the 6th dimension, that Rem has been to before in the past. I liked the first half of the book, but the second half was harder to get through. How would these warriors feel if they had to be uprooted from their lives and be forced to do things that are considered “taboo”, I don’t think they would like it very much.

But than once we steals her away, i feel like he takes everything from her including her lback to speak her own opinions. They start to become some sort of creature that resorts to their animalistic type nature. The next thing Giselle knew, she was on a spaceship flying out to who knows where with a gorgeous blond giant named Rem who claims that she is his sacred mate. Giselle McKenzie trembled inexplicably as the sound of a blafk growl reverberated throughout the threads of her consciousness.