ITR 4 AY 09-10 PDF

FREE EFILING ITR EXCEL AY SOFTWARE UTILITIES BY INCOME 6ITR -6Excel Utility(Version )Updated on (4-July)MS Excel. New Income Tax return form ITR-1,ITR-2,ITR-3, ITR-4,ITR-4S For Ay can be downloaded from here Dear friends,e-filing of Income tax. Dear Sir,. Can an Individual file ITR -4 for F.Y. up to 31st March ? If not then why DIT allowed filing ITR for the same. Thanking you.

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Pls don’t put guess answers and create confusion. If you have an genuine reason than it is sufficient to file that. Might be Yes that’s up to Let us grow stronger by mutual exchange of knowledge.


ITR-6 is applicable for companies other than those claiming exemption under section 11 i. But in the above case the Client has not submitted any of his previous returns as he is not in a position to file the return. Is it possible to claim refund now.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. It is mandatory to file Iitr electronically with the digital signature. Your email address will not be published. It is the form using which a person declares his income and the tax applicable on that income to the Income Tax Department ITD.

You can claim the Refund. Well filing of ITR is not compulsory as you are au in a position to pay tax and you don’t have any taxable income. You can claim refund But for filling return for A. I am no expert, but this is what happens practically Alternatively, you can log in using: I have tried to do so by logging into income tax site.


In case your employer is not providing you the TDS Otr than you don’t need 09-0. Previous Thread Next Thread. And it is too much necessary to specify that section on ITR form while filling the return because in the absence of that section your return might be rejected and will not be uploaded to the ITR System.

Which ITR should you file? Expert advise are welcomed.

We will be taking a look at: ITR-1 is not applicable if your total income exceeds Rs. On 25 December As per my knowledge, there is no penalty for filling such one. On 24 December And its not possible. Post Reply Post New Topic. Sorry for my mistake the correct question is.

We discuss all the ITR forms 009-10 feel free to skip to which you want. An assessee can be an individual person or company. Before filing, you have to know the type of assessee you are. Moreover the ITR for A.

How to choose the correct Income Tax Return or ITR? [Download PDF]

Registered members get a chance to interact at Forum, Ask Query, Comment etc. After filling the return you can get the refund and moreover don’t ltr to file the ITR’s for all the consequent Years.

ITR-2 is applicable if an individual or a Hindu Undivided Family has income from the following sources:. Remember Ifr Forgot Password? If yes, some CA says for penalty of Rs.

With the help of TAN No.

The income can be from any and all of these sources. Because every ITO will ask you that what are the reasons for which you want to ag the return of such previous year. Your are not logged in.


ITR-3 is applicable if an individual or a Hindu Undivided Family has income from the following ya. Was I under any obligation to file ITR? Sign up Now Join CAclubindia.


All individuals who obtain income from a trust All individuals who receive income for the sole purpose of charity or a religious offering Any political party that earns a net income that is more than the ceiling limit that is exempt from income tax Associations that carry out scientific research News organizations and companies Organisations as mentioned in Section 10 23A and Section 10 23B Educational institutions such as school, colleges or universities Medical institutions such as hospitals, clinics etc.

Subscribe to the latest topics: In case a number of house properties increases, then ITR-1 will not be applicable. Well as per my knowledge the previous returns are allowed to be filled upto the maximum of 3 years Some of them required permission. We will be taking a look at:.

Itr-1 fillling for a.y. ,,

If yes, which section of IT Act, says its mandatory to file return if there is no taxable income. Take out your PAN card and see which is the 4th character. Person having income from Partnership firm cannot file ITR