IRFIG Datasheet IRFIG Component IRFIG Integrated Circuit IRFIG Schematic IRFIG Application Note IRFI IRFI IRFI96 IRFI9. IRFIGPBF MOSFET P-CH V A TOFP Vishay IR datasheet pdf data Note IRFIGPB IRFIGP IRFIG IRFI IRFI IRFI96 IRFI9. Vishay IRFIG MOSFET are available at Mouser Electronics. Mouser offers inventory, pricing, & datasheets for Vishay IRFIG MOSFET.

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Use plastic cable tyes, combine datashset togeather and wrap tightly around the frame of the deflection yoke. The manufacturer number on the transistor is w I tested all secondary diodes the HOT, pre driver, all caps and diodes in the powers supply primary, in fact everything in the primary even the main power transformer. I also suggest you refresh your perspective by taking out the movie disc and seeing what another movie looks like.

Looking for the values of R and SG located near the flyback. This allows more precise control not available through the consumer4 accessible controls.

Use datasheft ‘Volume irfl9630 or down’ to change the data. Samsung GLsi monitor has lost horizontal scan, the image is squished to 2 inches at the center. Data sheets are available for most models. Relative to other manufacturers, Panasonic tends to define their maximum currents more generously, given that they test Vce[sat] and DC gain well below that maximum. This chassis is notorious for bad solder and cracks in the main board.


Also, if there is any of that notorious glue on the horizontal or high voltage components or heatsinks, scrape it away; that glue has sometimes caused the HOT to overheat and short.

Depending on the size of paper you use, you may need to tape a couple of sheets together. Note that some models, like GV3, need Viewsonic’s software, to adjust the focus after replacing.

Power supply makes ticking noise but will not start. I know that one of the diodes is a 1N but the other one disappeared. There are some 4: Dell DH monitor CM chassis has no line drive vertical line on the screen.

Check the solder on the leads of T before trying to replace it, but if a source is needed, maybe try that part number with a Mitsubishi supplier from a Mitsubishi e. Viewsonic 17 monitor chassis has no vertical height just displays a line.

Also I found resistor R chipped it is near a pc mounting screw. Power stays on after removal of Q10 DA. Let go of all buttons. The low voltage to operate the smps is 6 v but should be at least 8,5 v.


There are many potential causes of this, in this chassis, such as shorted diodes D through D; D, D, D, etc. Check connector of H-deflection yoke for bad solder joints.


Jumper any cracked PC runs. The picture tube takes minutes to come up to full brightness. Is it the FBT that is faulty?

Press the ‘Display’ and ‘Picture Mode’ keys at the same time, on the remote. The following components were faulty: Checked both HOTS and saw that a mosfet in the switching power supply had gone bad but I do not have any part k Packard Bell SL monitor.

What was the value and type of this part? Remember to check the filament voltage at different horizontal frequencies!

IRFI datasheet,datasheets manu Page:5== ==[未知厂家] pdf datenblatt – –

Ratasheet hums normal as power is applied. IBM monitor Sept ‘ D, D burned marked 31DF 6 8L. I am not sure if this is correct. The following refers to one of the three units I was able to locate and test all picofuses, R, R, D, and D The first one mine displays says: Is this the chassis that has a high failure rate for the flyback?

(PDF) IRFI9630G Datasheet download

It has the label C for SUN monitor. In reference to questions NO. Connect a test pattern to the antenna terminal 2.