Free kindle book and epub digitized and proofread by Project Gutenberg. The indolence of the filipinos. 1. essay published in La Solidaridad Madrid, Spain (July 15, – September 15, ) Why did Rizal write. The Indolence of the Filipino has ratings and 9 reviews. Hadrian said: A short tract attacking some of the more pernicious lies about colonialism.T.

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The picture perhaps deserves a couple of comments.

The Indolence of the Filipino

A preliminary version may often be posted for suggestion, comment and editing by those who wish to do so. The good and the beautiful yhe him, seduce and captivate him, although, like the Japanese, he often exchanges the good for the evil, if it appears to him garnished and gilded. Some repeat what they have heard, without, examination or reflection; others speak through pessimism or are impelled by that human characteristic which paints as perfect everything that belongs to oneself and defective whatever belongs to another.

We must confess that indolence does actually and positively exist there; only that, instead of holding it to be the cause of the backwardness and the trouble, we regard it as the effect of the trouble and the backwardness, by fostering the development of a lamentable predisposition.

Gaspar de San Agustin, plenty of provisions, activity, trade, indolencee in all the southern islands. Among cereals and fruits he mentions rice, millet, oranges, lemons, panicum, etc. To combat fjlipino indolence, some have proposed increasing the native’s needs and raising the taxes.

Summary of Dr. Jose Rizal’s the indolence of the Filipinos?

This policy has the advantage in that while it may not lull the instincts of liberty wholly to sleep, yet the day when the mother country loses her colonies she will at least have the gold amassed and not the regret of having reared ungrateful children. Take it away from him and he is a corpse, and he who seeks activity in a corpse will encounter only worms.

Another blood-letting, and as the organism has neither nerves nor voice the physician proceeds in the belief that the treatment is not injuring it. Joshua Partos rated it it was amazing Nov 13, What he lacks is in the first place liberty to allow expansion to his adventuresome spirit, and good examples, beautiful prospects for the future. Those who have as yet treated of indolence, with the exception of Dr. How is it strange, then, that discouragement may have been infused into the spirit of the inhabitants of the Philippines, when in the midst of so many calamities they did not know whether they would see sprout the seed they were planting, whether their field was going to be their grave or their crop would go to feed their executioner?

Many Filipinos have besides been sent abroad to contend wars for Spain or for expeditions. Ingratitude, to-day as then, is the regular rejoinder to the progressing people’s protest against paternalism, and altruistic regard for their real welfare is still represented as the reason why special legislation should be provided when Filipinos prefer the same laws as govern the sovereign people.


Apr 28, Bill Wehrmacher rated it liked it. November, [EBook ] [Yes, we are more than one year ahead of schedule] [This file was first posted on February 7, ] Edition: Unfortunately, or because the brutalization is not yet complete and because the nature of man is inherent in his being in spite of his condition, the native protests; he still has aspirations, he thinks and strives to rise, and there’s the trouble! We have filed in all 50 states now, but these are the only ones that have responded.

The time it takes us, a rather conservative estimate, is fifty hours to get any eBook selected, entered, proofread, edited, copyright searched and analyzed, the copyright letters written, etc. Add to this the introduction of gambling.

Iflipino separate copy of this translation was also published in a very limited edition, with the title: These they cease to produce because of the abundance of silver; and what is worse and entails more loss upon your Majesty, is that they do not, as formerly, work the mines and take out gold”. This estimate is somewhat high.

El progreso de Filipinas. Some act in bad faith, through levity, through want of sound judgment, through limitation in reasoning power, ignorance of the past, or other cause.

The Indolence of the Filipino by José Rizal – Free Ebook

Indolence therefore has more deeply rooted causes such as abuse and discrimination, inaction of the government, rampant corruption and red tapewrong doctrines of the church and wrong examples from some Spaniards who lead lives of indolence which ultimately led to the deterioration of Filipinos values.

Is it the poor clerk who comes in at eight in flipino morning and leaves at, one in the afternoon with only his parasol, who copies and writes and works for himself and for his chief, or is it the chief, who comes in a carriage at ten o’clock, leaves before twelve, filipinno his newspaper while smoking and with is feet cocked up on a chair or a table, or gossiping about all his friends?

See also Mallat, Les Philippines Paris,vol. How is it strange that, the Philippines remain poor in spite of their very fertile soil, when history tells us that the countries now the most flourishing date their development from the day of their liberty and civil rights?

Sobre la indolencia de los filipinos – Wikipedia

The first factor is the limited preparation and instruction Filipino natives receive. Jam Caballero rated it liked it Sep 28, The Filipino is convinced that to get happiness it is necessary for him to lay aside his dignity as a rational creature, to attend mass, to believe what is told him, to pay what is demanded of him, to pay and forever to pay; to work, suffer and be silent, without aspiring to anything, without aspiring to know or even to understand Spanish, without separating himself from his carabao, as the priests shamelessly say, without protesting against any injustice, against any arbitrary action, against an assault, against an insult; that is, not to have heart, brain or spirit: True it is that the spirit of rivalry is sometimes awakened, only that then it awakens with bad humor in the guise of envy, and instead of being a lever for helping, it is an obstacle that produces discouragement.


An hour’s work under that burning sun, in the midst of pernicious influences springing from nature in activity, is equal to a day’s work in a temperate climate; it is, then, just that the earth yield a hundred fold!

See ante, note 15, also note True it is that for some filippino this absurdity, which would be ludicrous had it indolenve been so serious, has disappeared; but even if the words have gone out of use other facts and other provisions have replaced them. This refers doubtless to Rizal himself, who competed in an open contest for Spaniards and Indians, of the Liceo Artistico-Literario de Manila, and of whom such an occurrence is related.

Man’s object is not to satisfy tile passions of another man, his object is to seek happiness for himself and his kind by traveling along the road of progress and perfection.

He describes the silk dresses, the daggers with long gold hilts and scabbards of carved wood, the gold, sets of teeth, etc. I stayed at a hotel right next door to the oldest cathedral in the Philippines. Is it the delectable civilization, the religion of salvation of the friars, called of Jesus Christ by a euphemism, that has produced this miracle, that has atrophied his brain, paralyzed his heart and made of the man this sort of vicious animal that the writers depict? It would be hardly fair not to call to mind that the Filipinos are debtors to the friars in many ways, and the Filipinos themselves should be the last to forget this.

Shielah rated it it was ok Jul 13, For this reason the Spaniard is more indolent than the Frenchman; the Frenchman more so than the German. We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. In the Middle Ages, and even in some Catholic countries now, the devil is blamed for everything that superstitious folk cannot understand or the perversity of mankind is loath to confess.

The history of the Philippines is full of references to Chinese who came here for the reasons assigned by Rizal. Even were the Filipino not a man like the rest; even were we to suppose that zeal in him for work was as essential as the movement of a wheel caught in the gearing of others in motion; even were we to deny him foresight and the judgment that the past and the present form, there would still be left us another reason to explain the attack of the evil.

The antiquarian will be interested in consulting a small work entitled Notes on the Malay Archipelago and Malacca, compiled from Chinese sources, by W. Nothing from the Philippines at that time went to China, not even gold, for in those years the Chinese traders would accept no payment but silver coin.