Read In the Blaze of His Hungers by Dominique Frost by Dominique Frost by Dominique Frost for free with a 30 day free trial. Read eBook on the web, iPad. In the Blaze of His Hungers – Kindle edition by Dominique Frost. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like. Ryan doesn’t mean to sleep with his best friend’s hot dad. It just happens. Ryan is eighteen, inexperienced and in lust with Javier, his friend’s.

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Ryan is an 18 year old senior in HS, getting ready to head to college local-well 3 hours away.

Why he wants him is beyond me. I absolutely loved this book. View all 11 comments. On the other, it’s tinged with elements of dub-con, and the ending can only be labeled a HFN, because I’m just not seeing an year-old Ryan and a year-old Javier making it work for the long haul, particularly when the older man is the “deadbeat,” ex-druggie dad of said teenager’s best friend.

In the middle of the story I felt that Frost was working towards building a plot but given the 1. There were weird mistakes–about the difficulty of getting into a school like Stanford or the usual timetable of applying to and hearing from colleges generally–that made me scratch my head until I realized the author is not American. You have a barely legal eighteen year old, Ryan who starts a sexual relationship with his best friend’s estranged father, Javier. There was more than just sex in this story.

An unputdownable mystery thriller that will. What made him want Ryan so much? Javier and Ryan were such a solid couple right from the word go and you can’t but wish for everything to turn out right for them in the end. It was rushed, shows the author didn’t wanted to put much effort in the story. Michael Dean’s comfortable life changes in an instant when forced to kill a man to protect his three-year old grandson, Matthew.


They keep the whole thing secret, since Ryan is fairly certain Pete wouldn’t appreciate him screwing his father, and Ryan’s own father wouldn’t want Ryan sleeping with a dude more than twice his age.

I was able to borrow this book for free on Amazon.

I wanted that closure. Really loved this book: Plus, like I mentioned earlier, the sex is pretty steamy between the two MC’s. You set the scene, do the work.

Dominique Frost’s “In the Blaze of His Hungers” Is Just Plain Old Sexy

What I did like was the strained relationship between Ryan and his best friend and ultimately how their difficultes are resolved.

A big minus for me was the third-person, present-tense POV Ryan’swhich can work, but in this case made the book feel jumpy and hyper, and didn’t offer enough analytical distance. I think I needed it. During the story you find out hs Javier, the father, got divorced and his reasoning of why he hasn’t been around Pete, his son. Both main characters give hnugers enough alright I wish there was more story just because I think thirty or so more pages might have lent more depth to make the outcome of their relationship believable.

Oh sexy little story. The intimacy caught on the page felt so alive and dangerous. I hujgers plan on reading more.

Lord, those are hot.

In the Blaze of His Hungers by Dominique Frost

Instead he a drug addict, dead beat dad that just disappear out of his son’s life when the pressures of playing it straight turned him to drugs. I yungers of liked to see everyone else reactions to the relationship.

I really truly think this book needs a sequel, I’m dying to know where there relationship goes next, how the rest of the family deals with their relationship and how Pete and Javier try and get along.

So, hungerrs, wickedness all around, but always spiced with genuine emotions, honest snark and people who speak their mind, no matter that the power is almost always unevenly distributed in all the relationships in her books. Dec 24, Ricardo rated it did not like it.


The House Always Wins, her compulsively readable, zanily humorous, yet completely practical guide hailed by critics, now Quick, hilarious times on the page that showed how much they cared for each other.

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In the Blaze of His Hungers

After all, if, say, Bleak House and Austen’s Persuasiontwo of the best books ever written in my opinion, get 5 stars from me, then should I really be giving the same rating to Bone Ridera book I enjoyed immensely and also admired, pf seriously folks, even if I were high on crack could I really say it deserves the same rating?

He just had a man come in his mouth. Great narration and personalization of the characters engages the reader with hungerss dialogue that remains steady throughout.

His wit, attitude, and no sugar coating sass are just what Javier needs. Jan lbaze, Laura rated it really liked it Recommended to Laura by: On a weird, totally random side note, for some reason, I couldn’t help but picture Jeffery Dean Morgan as Javier.

I might pass her writing a note next time in class, ask it to check the box if you like me, yes or no. It was dirty, filthy, raunchy and I likes it muchly. Jan 18, Camille Adams rated it liked it Shelves: I really wanted Javier’s point of view and perhaps some kind of resolution to the “keeping it secret” deal. How to rate this book? In the middle of the hungrs I thw that Frost was working towards building a plot but given the short word limit he couldn’t develop it well which left an unsatisfying taste in the end.