View and Download Motorola I user manual online. iDEN Digital Multi- Service Data-Capable Phone. I Cell Phone pdf manual download. Also for: I80s. Motorola I Manual Online: Using Phone Lock. The Phone Lock feature enables you to prevent your phone from being used unless an Unlock code is typed. Download Nextel I Manual Pdf if this equipment does cause harmful interference to radio or television reception which ca n be determined by turning the.

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Minute Beep — an audible beep occurs every minute of an active. Page AC receptacle. Press the battery release button and slide the battery away from the antenna. The Phonebook allows you to store up to frequently used names and numbers. For optimum charging performance, turn off the radio product while charging it in any battery charger. Press m to access Call Alert Menu. Getting Started This section includes: From the Phonebook screen, press S to scroll to the name associated with the phone number you want to see.

Very carefully lift the SIM out of its holder. You can use the Detailed setting to forward calls to other numbers if desired. Messages must be erased before you can receive others. Press R to scroll to the notification type you want to assign to the feature. Msg Mail Only — notifies you of mail messages only; all other types. Call Timers Call Timers measure the duration of your phone calls, Private or Group calls, and circuit data use, as well as the number of Kilobytes sent and received by your phone.


T9 Text Input automatically makes the first letter of a sentence uppercase. Press the number assigned to the shortcut. Press R to scroll to Memo. To cancel a Phonebook entry at any time, press s to return to the Ready screen. No service or out of coverage area.

Styles To select a volume level: When you access a screen that requires text input, the default text entry mode is Alpha. The default date assigned to an event is the day that was highlighted when you accessed the Event Form mznual to add the event. The Styles Actions menu provides the following options: If you are on a call, your phone will alert you once during the call.

Motorola i335 Manual / User Guide

A securing click will be heard. Table Of Contents Introduction Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add.

You can scroll to other weeks by pressing S. Silent — the phone does not ring to notify you. An icon appears to the left of each name or number indicating that the call is on hold z or active D. If the message contains two phone numbers, Auto Call Back will dial the last number. Auto Lock locks the phone the next time the phone is powered on.

Press R to highlight Display: End Call – phone has ended the active call.


Clean the external surfaces of the radio product with a damp cloth, using a mild solution of dishwashing detergent and water. To avoid loss or damage, do not remove your SIM card from your phone unless absolutely necessary.


Get to know your Motorola wireless phone and its features such as speed dial and redial. Keypad Lock — displays instructions for locking and unlocking your. Assign a name to the style you are creating: Packet Data Activity — phone is transmitting data. Your phone will play the name back to you.

Press R to scroll to Security. Detaching the Battery Ensure the phone is powered off before attempting to detach the battery.

Operational Warnings Blasting Caps and Areas To avoid possible interference with blasting operations, turn off your radio product when you are near electrical blasting caps, in a blasting area, or in areas posted: Page of Go. MOTOROLA will defend, at its own expense, any suit brought against the end user purchaser to the extent that it is based on a claim that the Product or parts infringe a patent, and Motorola will pay those costs and damages finally