Hydrotropic Solubilization. Priyanka Arjaria1, Manoj Goyal2, Suman Jain3. 1Shri Ram College of pharmacy,Banmore,Morena, India, 2IPS College of pharmacy. Purpose. This study examines the mechanism of hydrotropic solubilization using the riboflavin-nicotinamide system. The most commonly proposed mechanism. On the other hand, planarity of the hydrophobic part has been emphasized as an important factor in the mechanism of hydrotropic solubilization. Solute consists.

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Sodium acetate and urea did not show any absorbance above nm, and thus no interference in the estimation was seen.

Novel spectrophotometric quantitative estimation of hydrochlorothiazide in bulk drug and their dosage forms by solugilization hydrotropic agent. Retrieved from ” https: A simple spectrophotometric estimation of Ketoprofen in tablets using mixed hydrotropy.

Hydrotropic solubilization of poorly water-soluble drugs.

Hydrotropy is defined as a solubilisation process whereby addition of a large amount of second solute results in an increase in the aqueous solubility of another solute and the chemicals which are used in hydrotropy are called hydrotropes.

Application of mixed- hydrotropy to develop injection dosage forms of poorly water-soluble drugs. Lumefantrine, also known as Benflumetol, is basically a long acting anti-malarial drug which is very effective in treatment of resistant P. Mixed hydrotropy in spectrophotometric analysis of poorly water-soluble drug. These include Potassium acetate 6. There are many techniques which are used to enhance the aqueous solubility.

All the chemicals and reagents used were of analytical grade. Poor aqueous solubility of drugs often causes significant problems in developing formulations showing high bioavailability.

Thus the proposed method is new, simple, environmentally friendly, accurate, and cost effective and can be successfully employed in routine analysis of lornoxicam in tablets.

Additives may either increase or decrease the solubility of a solute in a given solvent. UV spectroscopic analysis for the drug was performed and the maximum absorption i. Keeping this point in view, the present research work is focused to enhance solubility of Lumefantrine using hydrotropic solubilization technique.


Titrimetric analysis method employed for determining equilibrium solubility at room temperature.


Therefore, highly concentrated solutions of hydrotropic agents were used in the present investigation. The type of anion or metal ion appeared to have a minor effect on the phenomenon[2]. Once the saturated solution is prepared its analysis is carried out to check the solubility. However, the term has been used in the literature to designate non-micelle-forming substances, either liquids or solids, organic or inorganic, capable of solubilizing insoluble compounds.

The term hydrotropy was originally put forward by Carl Neuberg [1] to describe the hydotropic in the solubility of a hhydrotropic by the addition of fairly high concentrations of alkali metal salts of various organic acids. The term hydrotropic agent was first introduced by Neuberg to designate anionic organic salts which, at high concentrations, considerably increase the aqueous solubility of poorly soluble solutes[1].

Most of the previous methods employed have used organic solvents or hydrotropes such as sodium lauryl sulphate and urea to increase aqueous solubility of lornoxicam [ 45 ].

Hydrotrope – Wikipedia

The effect of hydrotropes like sodium benzoate, sodium citrate, sodium gluconate, ammonium acetate, piperazine, etc. For determination of interference of hydrotropic agents in the spectrophotometric estimation of the standard solutions of drugs were determined in distilled water alone and in the presence of the maximum concentration of the hydrotropic agent employed for spectrophotometric analysis.

It precludes the use of organic solvents and thus avoids the problem of residual toxicity, error due to volatility, pollution, cost etc. International Scholarly Research Notices. The anionic group is obviously involved in bringing about high aqueous solubility, which is a prerequisite for a hydrotropic substance. Typically, hydrotropes consist of a hydrophilic part and a hydrophobic part like surfactants but the hydrophobic part is generally too small to cause spontaneous self-aggregation.


The drug showed good regression value at this wavelength. An excess quantity of drug was added to a series of stoppered conical flasks containing 10 ml of hydrotropic solutions until saturated solution was obtained. The solutions were filtered through Whatman filter paper No.

Instead, some hydrotropes aggregate in a step-wise self-aggregation process, gradually increasing aggregation size. Dahima R and Gangwal S: This method could preclude the use of hydrotropuc solvents in analysis. It was evident that there is good correlation between the amounts estimated and the label claim. Drug efficacy can be severely limited by poor aqueous solubility and some drugs also show side effects due to their poor solubility.

The study revealed that estimations of lornoxicam can be done within 24 hours without any detrimental effect on drug stability as no precipitation was observed. Simple titrimetric method to estimate ketoprofen in bulk using mixed hydrotropy.

Various techniques have been employed to enhance the aqueous solubility of poorly water-soluble drugs. Solubipization operation was repeated till some excess drug remained undissolved after constant vigorous shaking for 10 minutes.

Solubility studies were performed using various concentrations of hydrotropes like sodium citrate, sodium benzoate, etc.


solubilizatlon Quantitatively it is defined as the concentration of the solute in a saturated solution at a certain temperature. Force is applied on to the sample, pushing it onto the diamond surface. View at Google Scholar Y.