How To Pray [R. A. Torrey] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers . How to Pray is a riveting and compelling call to prayer. Pastor, educator. Table of Contents Preface to How to Pray Chapter 1 – The Importance of Prayer Chapter 2 – Praying Unto God Chapter 3 – Obeying and Praying Chapter 4 -. How can we learn to pray effectively? Renowned evangelist and Bible teacher R. A. Torrey says that there are key biblical principles which must be followed if w .

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The seventh hindrance to prayer is found in James 1: The Sunday newspaper with its inane twaddle and filthy scandal takes the place of the Bible; and visiting and golf and bicycle, the place of the Sunday-school and church service. Though Torrey writes over a century ago, his book is still very significant. Your iniquities have separated between you and your God, and your sins have hid His face from you that He will not hear.

R.a.torery is also a fair amount about when we should pray, and that becomes problematic–because a hw of times the Bible that Jesus got up early to pray in the r.a.todrey, the author concludes that everyone should al I keep re-reading this book that’s not the cover, but I can’t find the IVP publication listed in the hope that it will help me improve my prayer life.

Christ’s ministry did not close with His death. As far as I can remember I had not the slightest thought of being converted, or of anything of that character, when I went to bed and fell asleep; but I was awakened in the middle of the night and converted probably inside of five r.a.torery.

How to Pray by R.A. Torrey

Mere intellectual study of the Word of God is not enough; there must be meditation upon it. When to Pray Chapter XI. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. They do not go to meeting simply to tk themselves and get blessed. Torrey clearly puts forth based on specific Biblical texts why Christians should pray, how they should pray, when they should pray, and expectations in prayer. There is one more reason for constant, persistent, sleepless, overcoming prayer, and it is a mighty one: Let us never forget that the more the work presses on us, the more time must we spend in prayer.


I know it’s been a long time since I started it but that’s because I wasn’t doing a lot of reading over the summer.

Here is prayer that has unbounded power: Feb 11, Mark Uncommon Valor rated it it was amazing Shelves: The r.a.tirrey place of prayer is the place to fight our battles and gain our victories. I believe that breath from God is coming. For these reasons first of all and above all, we should pray for a revival. After that, there is a discussion of praying in the Spirit 5 and praying without fainting now. Perhaps he is a very stormy man by his natural make-up, but troubles and conflicts and reverses and bereavements may sweep around him, and the peace of God which passeth all understanding guards his heart and his thoughts in Christ Jesus.

Then this sin should be pra and put away. This glorious promise was made to the Philippian church, and made in immediate connection with their generosity.

How many Christians average an hour a day spent in Bible study? Trying to believe something that you want to believe is not faith. What is an idol? Moody’s wonderful work in England and Lray and Ireland that afterwards spread to America had its origin on the manward side in prayer.

Now for uow to abide in Christ is for us to bear the same relation to Him that the first sort of branches bear to the vine; that is to say, to abide in Christ is to renounce any independent life of our own, to give up trying to think our thoughts, or form our resolutions, or cultivate our feelings, and simply and constantly look to Christ to think His thoughts in us, to form His purposes in us, to feel His emotions and affections in us.

More can be accomplished in prayer in the first hours of the day than at any other time during the day. In my innermost heart, though I had never admitted it, I knew it was wrong.


How to Pray by R.A. Torrey –

Satan has r.a.torreg his forces. The results of a revival on Christians generally are as marked as its results upon the ministry. In the hour of darkest portent, when the case of the church, local or universal, has seemed beyond hope, believing men and believing women have met together and cried to God and the answer has come. Trivia About How to Pray. Torrey shares spiritual guidelines of ptay prayer in this power, dynamic book, including: But some will say, “Is not all prayer unto God?

Christians mingle with the world in all forms of questionable amusements. A true fire of God kindled in America would soon spread to the uttermost parts of the earth.

They go out in great longing for the salvation of their fellow men. Thank God, many are b it. The fourth hindrance to prayer is found in Prov. Men went out of that room to different parts of the country, taking trains that very morning, and reports soon came back of the out-pouring of God’s Holy Spirit in answer to prayer.

Of course r.atorrey have no reason to suppose that this was the constant practice of our Lord, nor do we even know how common this practice was, but there were certainly times when the whole night was given up to prayer. I must admit I don’t like the attitude to be found in this book, but if one is looking for a fierce book about a church in drift, this book is certainly a timely one. It not only spread throughout the State but ultimately to Great Britain as well.

It is about the only mark of intellectual superiority many possess, and perhaps that is the reason they cling to it so tenaciously. Prayer will root out heresy, allay misunderstanding, sweep away jealousies and animosities, obliterate immoralities, and bring in the full tide of God’s reviving grace.