Items 1 – 24 of 85 Hordes: Legion – Chosen of Everblight Cavalry Unit (5). Retail Price: $ Hordes: Legion – Blighted Ogrun Theme Force. Retail Price. Items 1 – 24 of 93 Build your Legion of Everblight army in HORDES with Warlocks, Warbeast and Gargantuans! Unleash the legion of blighted beasts alongside. The Legion of Everblight consists of elves and ogrun who have been corrupted and beholden to the will of the army’s eponymous dragon (who.

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By all accounts this was not a pleasant experience, but at the end of it the ogrun Thagrosh descends the mountain, his new god riding shotgun in his chest. Speaking of which, Hoordes of Everblight is one of the best factions to run warbeasts in the game.

First, she needs a vanguard.

Hopefully they will be receiving eberblight UA in the new book. Views Read Edit View history. In many respects the Legion is a typical glass-cannon army: This page was last updated: She has a very different playstyle compared to other Legion casters: See each listing for international shipping options and costs.

Hordes/Tactics/Legion of Everblight – 1d4chan

Seriously though, don’t get too hung up on spamming dragonspawn that you forget to consider these guys. The first big advantage is Eruption: Blighted Nyss Strider Rangers: While free, Everblight chooses not to return to his “original” flesh: The end result was like a typical family reunion gone awry: While some believed Toruk to be defeated, Everblight had an idea about hordss the fuck was comingand knew that he would need to be prepared.


Stubs Warmachine Tactics Hordes Tactics. Your ad here, right now: This page was last modified on 25 Decembereverbloght In time, Everblight’s influence grew steadily over the kingdom of Morrdh, and he became ever more brazen.

In a way Everblight is the ultimate recycler, nothing wasted! Shredders are really useful four Shredders going Rabid on Rhyas’s feat turn is pure comedy to watchas are multiple Nephilim Soldiers Massacre synchronizes really well with her everlight, and Rapport is a great way to guarantee hits if you’re not using it elsewhere.

Watch your shepherd, succubus or any other non-fearless models because she’s an abomination and can accidentally force eferblight checks on your own guys. Fighting all the other factions of the game, Everblight presents a unique threat to the safety of the world, although it remains to be seen if the Dragonfather will allow Everblight to continue to exist for much longer Shepards are amazing one point solos for fury handling, and forsaken couple fury management abilities with awesome anti-caster AoEs and even combat prowess in a pinch.

Costs 3 points, and usually is taken with legionnaires. They’re a great sidekick for a Horees. Many Circle armies can do nothing but sit down and cry as you wade everhlight their forests and stealth and eat their druids. Legion plays as a bit of a glass cannon army, but is fully capable of tanking with numerous gordes. Character everbljght calvary for when you absolutely must hunt and kill enemy solos and UAs. The pieces grew into dragons of their own, each its own individual and distinct from their progenitor.


Looking for a place to lay low for a while, Everblight eventually happened along the human kingdom of Morrdh, notable for its use of magic before the existence of The Gift and the sort of fun place you get when you commit unspeakable blasphemies for bleak horrors from beyond the veil in return for temporal power.


Number of bids and bid amounts may be slightly out of date. Did I mention that she also has stealth? She can add and remove fury from one warbeast within 3″ as a special action, or heal d3 from a beast within 3″.

Fury management for you is likewise cheap. Curious and intrigued at their secrets, Everblight soon struck a deal with the Everblkght of Morrdh: Skip to main content. They also work very well with her feat, and can stay alive until she pops it. Her combination of speed, accuracy, defenses and movement shenanigans make her an excellent thorn in your opponent’s side.

Add battle wizard to the mix, and these could kill twenty weaker models in one turn. You give up your lovely, perfect hot female elf body for Lord Everblight?

Flying Calvary with Reach that lets beasts with flight starting in its command range charge for free.