by Foucault in the late s but has remained a source of confusion and Foucault, M. () Die Heterotopien/Les Hétérotopies, Der. ten Räume und untersucht diese mit Hilfe des Konzeptes der Heterotopien von Foucault (). Im Zuge der. Debatte um die Rolle von. Arguably the most famous heterotopia that appears in Foucault’s work is the Chinese encyclopedia, which originates in the fiction of Jorge Luis Borges. Drawing.

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All material offered in Dance and Theatre. The term coined by Foucault unites one place with another as if they were co-extensive. Heterotoipen explains the link between utopias and heterotopias using the metaphor of a mirror.

Foucault, Borges, Heterotopia: Producing Knowledge in Other Spaces | Topinka | Foucault Studies

The editors are evidently well aware that this is a risky venture. Heterotopia does effect an overlay of diverse spaces and times, yet ultimately it opens only that space which lies between the one and the other: Even newer formats such as computer games, virtual map services and the obligatory TV series currently featuring in academic discourse are rubricated and analysed heterotopie representation forms. In the reception it brings forth further socio-political or economic aspects that clearly extend beyond the question of form, and it is thus captured entirely in this moment.

It is certainly a daring undertaking to put both heterotopia and intermedial aesthetics in the title of a humanities compendium in the hope that the potentisation of the undefined could contribute to its perspectivation.


Hheterotopien are worlds within worlds, mirroring and yet upsetting geterotopien is outside.

Heterotopien nach Michel Foucault by Sarah Roja on Prezi

Articles containing French-language text. The concept of heterotopia has had a significant impact on literature, especially science fiction, fantasy and other hetdrotopien genres. About The Author Robert J. Views Read Edit View history. Keywords Deleuze Ethics Foucault Resistance civil society counter-conduct disability ethnography examination freedom genealogy governmentality knowledge neoliberalism power reception refusal self subjectivity surveillance truth.

His first mention of the concept is in his preface to ‘The Order of Things’ and refers to texts rather than socio-cultural spaces. Aesthetics, Method, and Epistemology: The humanities evidently benefit by turning to the specific object rather than embarking beforehand on meta-theoretical and discursive flights of hetegotopien – if they remain aware of their differences and heterogeneity.

This article argues that shifting the focus from resistance to order and knowledge production reveals how heterotopias make the spatiality of order legible. Play — Ritual — Performancefocuses on art and its spaces.

Since media are meanwhile no longer technologically determined, have emancipated themselves from their material carriers, they currently appear as no more than references and transfers of form — according to one of the provocative, introductory theses of the leading media scientists. Heterotopia A possible approach in analysing intermedial art forms. It is hardly surprising that these days the term is also applied to those technical appliances that make possible an apparent overcoming of times and spaces: The Order of Things.

Heterotopia (space)

The heterotopia of the mirror is at once absolutely real, relating with the real space surrounding it, and absolutely unreal, creating a virtual image. The concept of a heterotopia has also been discussed in relation to the space in which learning takes place. Journal of Narrative Theory.


Media and forms It is this interstice that is addressed by the book Heterotopien. Frequently, heterotopias fpucault understood as sites of resistance. And since media now become evident as no more than a forming principle, the appertaining discipline finds itself forced to poach in the field of aesthetics.

This approach can also pave the way to the absence and the difference, and provide a link for further, heterotipien general theorisation. Heterotopia is thus clearly shown to be a principle that sets in motion the prescribed order ing of the discourse doucault highlights the interstice of fields of knowledge and university disciplines as that space where insight is possible. History of the Human Sciences. Essential Works of Foucault,Volume 2. How to cite item.

Research in Post-Compulsory Education.

Foucault Studies

A talk given to a group of architects is the most well-known explanation of the term. His work has also appeared in Mediterranean Studies.

It is not the material differences of radio, television, film and foucsult that enable one to outline a conception of media and their specific quality.