Previously published as Her Wildest Dreams Always the wallflower, Alison Ryan is used to being ignored and pushed around. Everybody takes her for granted. Get this from a library! Her wildest dreams. [Shiloh Walker]. Her Wildest Dreams by Shiloh Walker. Timid and shy, in her wildest dreams, Allie never imagined Alex would look at her with anything more.

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Especially the one person she craves it from the most; her brother’s best friend Alex O’Malley.

Her Wildest Dreams by Shiloh Walker

There was a bit less sex, but better chemistry and build up, which made the scenes it did have somewhat better. He curled his tongue around tight, hard nipples and let the smell of peaches flood his head as awlker whimpered out his name.

To view it, click here. Alex was an ass to her the night they slept together.

Sometimes it works for snappy dialogue – but this isn’t d I waffled between 2 and 3 stars, but I suppose the fact that I even read it, considering the absolute murder I’ve been on DNFing Fortunately, the first change walkwr is a mugging which nearly costs her, her life. This title has been extensively rewritten and revised.

No one can fix her. She feels no one sees her though especially Alex.

I didn’t care about either of them. She writes romantic suspense and contemporary romance, and urban fantasy under her penname, J.

Thank heavens for Kindles. The quiet little girl, but what comes back is something very different. She’s no longer the shy little wallflower she had once been. Alison was raised by a cop and raised to never cry but Alex knew that dgeams she needed and that his shoulder was the one she would cry one.

If you’re in the mood for something spicy with a hot, dominant cop who likes to take control in the bedroom then I’m sure you’ll enjoy Shilh Wild Fantasies.

Determined to convince her to give him a chance, Alex sets out to make her understand that he is the one man who can make all her wicked, wild fantasies come true. When Alex shows up at the scene because he is a detective he gets after her for taking action instead of praising her for handling the would be attacker and being able to defend herself. Ugly duckling erotica are a favourite theme of mine.


Wicked Wild Fantasies

I will for sure recommend this book to friends, if for no other reason than the sexy times – and Alex’s all-around badassness. Meanwhile, back at home, asshat wuss is obsessing over her, best sex of his life etc and so forth. What happens when her past catches up to them and forces her to face the loss of her father all over again? Then the next day she takes her out and makes some changes in her appearance, clothing, and she goes to the gym but not to lose weight but for weight lifting.

Allie’s about to find out that Alex is the only man guaranteed to make her wildest dreams come true. His daily life is quite dull, without speaking of his obsession for some of his investigations, then one evening he sees the sister of his best friend being attack.

Having loved Shiloh Walker’s preceding erotica romances, I wanted to chance it again, and once more, I had a beautiful surprise. Ok No Read more. Self-assured Alex becomes befuddled Alex as he tries to keep up with Ali’s new look and confidence. Two months later she’s back and Alex barely recognises her, he hasn’t been able to stop thinking about their encounter but this new, more confident, Alison attracts him more than ever.

I also would have liked to have seen more of her and Alex spending time together outside of the bedroom, the time they did spend together was undoubtedly hot but I need a bit more than sexy times to make me believe that they’re going to have a successful happily ever after.

Shiloh Walker has been writing since she was a kid. But he redeems himself soon enough and their romance is sexy and satisfying. So he caught them and pinned them down, not hard…giving her enough room that she could pull away if she wanted, but she shivered and he knew enough to tell she liked it.


Experiencing a hot moment with her brother’s bestfriend, someone she has loved from afar, it pushes her to shake free of her cocoon. But will changing her looks and finding her voice be enough to turn Alex’s head? Months later, he runs into Allie again and he barely recognizes her. Again this is a friends to lovers story, done well, with great characters. All in all, if you come for the sex scenes, you’re going to stay for the sex scenes and not leave disappointed; just be aware Alison and Alex like their props, whether it be Alex’s handcuffs or Alison’s dildos, and Alison admits to a rape fantasy that Alex does not shy away from but I would say it’s fairly mild-ish.

Everybody takes her for granted, even the strung-out would-be mugger who tried to steal her purse late one night. Refresh and try again.

EBUZZ: Her Wildest Dreams By Shiloh Walker | The Good, The Bad and The Unread

This isn’t the greatest review because I didn’t really care for either story. He collects conquests without interest, the romance and love are aberrations to his eyes. I liked that Allie grew a bit of a spine, but not enough.

He is there to protect he Alison has been protected by brother and last a person in the shadow. She returns home a shloh woman: This story is about a young woman, Alison, trying to find herself after realizing she is tired of having everyone treat her like a doormat. When she and Alex encounter each other again, she makes no bones about what s This is a sexy ‘sibling’s best friend’ trope story, with Alison and Alex. She’s still had the kick she needs to make major changes in her life though, she quits her job, gives herself a makeover and heads off to Ireland for an adventure.