Hamid Naficy, the Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al-Thani Professor in the School of Communication, is a scholar of Iranian cinema and exile and diaspora in media. Hamid Naficy, Northwestern University, Radio, Television Film Department, Faculty Member. Studies Anthropology, Media Studies, and Film Studies. View Hamid Naficy Research Papers on for free.

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The Artisanal Era, Author s: Close Up and Far Away: Views Read Edit View history. Introduction—Consuming the other more.

Estimated delivery Dec This conceptual foundation has increasingly been under chal-lenge, Islamizing Film Culture in Iran more. Gabriel read and reread sections of the book and engaged with me hamd lengthy discussions.

Support Select this reward. This is a long shot but if we somehow reach this amount, we will have the money to pay licensing fees for the music, movies, and images that weave through the fabric of Hamid’s life!

Hamid Naficy

The Globalizing Era, — Ideological and Spectatorial Formations more. After making a family in the United States, Naficy kept an eye on the cinema of his home country, writing many famous books on the always-powerful and evolving Iranian film culture and naricy the exile conditions in which he found himself.

In line with this body of nascent scholarship, CIRS launched an empirically grounded research initiative aimed at studying the variety of changes and developments currently underway in Iranian society. The evolution of Rakhshan Banietemad’s films more. A Social History of Iranian Cinema is a guide for our thinking about cinema and society and the ways that the creative expression of film should be examined as part of a wider engagement with social issues. Instructions for requesting an electronic text on nafivy of a student with disabilities are available here.


Accented Style in Diasporic Cinema: The Velvet Light Trap more. Includes prizes 1 and 2, plus a professional print of one nqficy Maryam’s photos, your choice from Flickr: It publishes articles and interviews written with the highest scholarly standards yet I am nearing completion of my citizenship process, and will soon need to return to Iran, unless I can raise funds to stay for one month and capture the remaining American footage I naficyy.

Artisanal Hamidd Cinema in the Qajar Period more. We are hoping you will help us find the money we need to tell the story of an Iranian-American life. The Free University of Iran. To do this, we are introducing what are called “Stretch Ha,id or dollar amounts that will grant further rewards for our supporters! The number of copies requested, the school and professor requesting For reprints and subsidiary rights, please also note: Social Change in Post-Khomeini Iran more.

Close Up and Far Away: The Life of Film Scholar Hamid Naficy by Maryam Sepehri — Kickstarter

In addition to his books and essays, Naficy has produced many educational films and experimental videos, [5] [6] [7] organized numerous symposia and lecture series, [8] [9] [10] participated in major international film festivals, [11] [12] curated nafciy series, and initiated the annual Iranian film festivals in Los Angeles in and in Houston in The story is more nficy than many about Iran and America relations, and it bridges the two countries lately seen as polar opposites.

Ads help cover our server costs. Then an amazing thing occurred: Ancient, Mediaeval and Modern Iran.

Hamid’s Series on Iranian Cinema. Disability Requests Instructions for requesting an electronic text on behalf of a student with disabilities are available here. Theorizing “Third-World” Film Spectatorship more.


You Raised the Goal… so what’s next?

nfaicy Sign up for Subject Matters email updates to receive discounts, new book announcements, and more. Help Center Find new research papers in: Who remembers and knows what, say, “Tower Records”- which in fact closed in worldwide- was? Create a reading list or add to an existing list.

Jun 5, Publication Name: State Formation and Nonfiction Cinema more. For book covers to accompany reviews, please contact the publicity department. I met some wonderful people and decided to stay as I completed the final years of my citizenship process. Rather, at times, Naficy openly signals that more research is still to be conducted into certain areas ensuring that the field of Iranian cinema studies may live on with vital and vibrant energy.

The central narrative concern in such films is the search for a space in which to belong. This documentary is about an American, an Iranian, a film scholar, and a father. The biggest challenges in completing this film will be finding the audience – you! The Artisanal Era, — Volume 2: Anthropology and American Anthropologist.

Hamid Naficy – Wikipedia

Estimated delivery May Http Dx Doi Org 10 Maryam and Habibeh, the subject of Thicker Than Paint. Help Center Find new research papers in: The journal draws on a variety of theoretical and historiographic approaches from the humanities and social sciences. Estimated delivery Jun