For more extensive discussions of the effects of various gem elixirs, including their purported physical effects, see Gurudas, Gem Elixirs and Vibrational Healing. Gem elixirs integrate and act as an interface between the anatomical and etheric the books Gem Elixirs and Vibrational Healing Volumes 1 and 2 by Gurudas. Gems Elixirs and Vibrational Healing Volume 1 by Gurudas, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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I felt this essence going to the places in my body that hurt, or maybe that were holding on to hurts from the past.

Alleviates heavy metal miasm. Generally helps the overall body learn to be younger, operate more efficiently.

Gem Elixirs and Vibrational Healing

This teaches one to quicken the heart and tie it to the thyroid to power through things. Book ratings by Goodreads. Flow with the moment; strength to cope with situations that seem intolerable. Lessens nightmares and hallucinations, creates more emotional balance.

This elixir has an ability to bridge widely different principles into consciousness. New perspectives that arise from within. ME–Same energy, but not as bright, not as potent. Accessing and controlling the creative and intuitive aspects of the inner realm. Connect consciousness with Angelic realms.

If your chakras are out of balance for gme as a person it will bring the energy level in each chakra back to what is normal for you. Stimuli processed more quickly, as a basis for the thinking process. It’s important to work with this essence; as you get older you ability to pull energy from the living universe lessens, and one feels more distant from the fount of energy from the Nature kingdom.

Etheric body more aligned with the physical to enhance detoxification. My brain is incapable of understanding the experiential knowledge that this grm. The more one uses this elixir, the more one will be able to move information, problem solving, and development from multidimensional realities to D Earth reality.


Helps one to make intuitive discoveries, visions, messages, etc. Pulls out old energy patterns for release. This connects the energies of the thyroid, throat and 3rd eye; a deep purple line of light goes from thyroid to 3rd eye. Chandra Gunawan marked it as to-read Mar 30, Amplifies the body’s energy field; good for diagnostic purposes.

It could help to perceive extra-dimensional, interdimensional, and D psychic elixirss. Always work under the guidance of your own I Am Presence or higher Self. It’s like pushing the “clear” button on a calculator. I love this book.

For example, Emerald and Ruby balance the heart and heart chakra partly because they have certain mineral properties that have an empathetic resonance with that tissue.

This helps you to interact in an environment that seems depressing; shows how to put forward the best of yourself in a thoroughly loving, non-aggressive way. One needs to have the desire to exist in a more loving universe, and be willing to make the gek and walk the walk that allows this to happen.

Helps bridge the intuitive and the analytical minds. Heart and throat chakras opened. This changed the internal light or pressure level of my body, making it more difficult for outside energy to affect my body in an adverse way. Helps one on the path to know the Self and to reach for their highest potential. Brow and heart chakras activated. Aids shift from 3rd dimension to 4th.

Gem Elixirs and Vibrational Healing by Gurudas

This is more for people who were born 25 or more years ago, than the younger ones; helps us to catch up with them! For sadness, unnatural fear of aging. Improves eyesight and ability to see or perceive problems ellixirs a new light.


Helps you to speak a “living language” that touches the cells and the DNA in the cells of whoever is listening. I would ellxirs this to do ceremony, because I’d be able to be in touch with the energies I’d be focusing on. Strengthens physical and emotional bodies. For me, nothing matters but the eixirs of what I Am.

Generally increases psychic and clairvoyant faculties. Restructure DNA of immune system. Helps to overcome destructive habits and subconscious misperceptions which are causing health or other problems in one’s life.

Aligns body’s biomagnetic field with the Earth; strengthens the aura, which enhances vibrational remedies, creative visualization, water therapies, inert gas techniques, radionics. Enhances growth in any area consciously chosen; brings stamina and clarity required to gurudad that goal.

Electricity going into the brain is changing how the mind operates.

Taliloquay Gem Elixirs

All things are in a constant state of vibration and in a constant system of harmonics and resonancy. Light surrounded the two sides of my body, and interwove themselves together such that my whole being was totally complete in the present. Balances sexuality, enhances creativity, stabilizes emotions. This is a higher level vibration of love and focus. Feb 19, Panda rated it it was amazing. You can know when some energy your are gurudass on to in your emotional or mental body is acting up to control your actions and thoughts, and can act to stop it taking control.

Energizing; transform self-destructive patterns of illness into healing.