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If someone is interested.

Efficient starting guide (UK) – מידע ומדריכים – Travian: Legends Forum

Link al nuovo browsergame prodotto da TT. So far we have only trained swordsmen which are good at killing robbers travina we will also need to defend ourselves. Programmazione Standard Forum dedicato a tutti gli altri linguaggi attualmente non diffusi per utilizzo web.

A 15 cropper requires at least a buida to upgrade into a decent level in a decent span of time. At this point only attack the Robbers with your Swordsmen and leave the Phalanx at home. If you would like to use all features of this site, it is mandatory to enable JavaScript. MB, Market, Academy to level 10 each 3.

For me this is the fun part and the whole point of the game. Change regarding the Town Hall quest. If on the other hand you think you want to leave your current kingdom you can do that by settling inside a kingdom of your choice.

Installare il Truppen Tool Forum dedicato all’installazione del truppen tool su un proprio dominio. Trapper and the Phalanx working together will make a deadly combo for almost all attackers trying to steal from your village which makes Gaul defense extremely potent especially during the early stages of the game. Pacchetti Grafici Guida ai pacchetti grafici per travian. Phalanx is arguably the best defensive unit in the game and will form a back bone of any Gaul player seeking to defend themselves or their allies from enemies.

If you are running low traviam storage or the quest rewards are starting to get large just increase your warehouse and granary levels as they increase your storage space. Congratulations, now you have completed most of the tasks without any additional waiting to get enough resources!


Regolamento Forum Trovate qui il Regolamento del forum da seguire per tenerlo pulito ed in ordine. When you have trained at least 50 Phalanx and 5 Pathfinders, your Wall is at lvl 5 and your Trapper is lvl 5 full of traps move to the next phase. In order to found a new village one must have enough Culture Points CP.

Efficient starting guide (UK)

The one common thing is keep expanding, keep building troops, trvaian upgrading and communicate with your team. Forum dedicato a tutti gli altri linguaggi attualmente non diffusi per utilizzo web. For examle we have some swordfighters, but it is not very profitable to send them further away that 18 fields because they run for 6 hours eat 12 crop because the are sent in pairs and probebly wont even return many resources. Questo forum gulda link a server cloni di Travian detti comunemente “Server privati”.

Choose setup option 3. Focus on Phalanx on your first village balancing your resources between new buildings and fields and more troops. Your browser has JavaScript disabled. But you will be hard pressed to find a better simming guide guid making one.

Beginner’s Guide – First week as Gaul – Guides – Travian Kingdoms Forum

Hero simming is very effective and convenient but makes the red medal difficult. The fight will be easy but it will get tougher in the future. If you can afford buying gjida gold then 15 cropper is your best choice. At later levels when the build time is slower than gathering the needed resources I build 2 Crop fields per NPC ghida instabuild them.

Title kind of tells it all. Make sure that there is a good communication between you guys and that you both have the same understanding of “efficiency”. Submit a new link.

When i start from 0 units im ofcourse a bit more sensible but as soon as im in business i do the following to renew rravian increase my farmlist: The building order is: At some point you will run out of resources when going through the quests, at this point you can claim some of the rubble inside the village, make sure to have enough storage space for all the resources before clearing any rubble though.


Travian is a massively multiplayer online browser-based strategy game developed by the German software company Travian Games. It is something that is planned but at a later stage when more of these guides are written by traavian such as yourself.

If there are any chats guiea the kingdom participate in those, if the kingdom is quiet consider starting a conversation yourself with your king and say hi. Robbers will reward you with resources as well as stolen goods that you can sell for resources.

Focus should be primarily in defense troops but your first village can slowly ramp up offense production. Personally Travoan use the hero to sim up the fields to level 9s in two or so days normal speed. First published inmillions of players around the world now enjoy this classic game. For the purposes of this guide we will be selecting Gauls but feel free to follow along if you pick Romans or Teutons, the information in parts 2 and 3 especially will be largely universal to all tribes.

Postino qui le persone che vogliono dare qualche idea alla costruzione di scripttool o altro per Buida. Those resources will be used to train some extra clubbs instead. Make sure to fully clear each hideout so more can spawn in their place. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

The goal for this phase is construction of lvl 5 Trapper and Wall and lvl 1 stable. So simply gukda the town hall and bam you get the ability to cash in that culture boost! Raiding and clearing robbers in all 3 examples is an important source of income so consider trying those as well.