(From IIA Global Technology Audit Guide Auditing IT Projects). GTAG 28, 2, Project Plan and Approach, , Objective and scope, The scope of the project. Information for the audit program was also obtained as necessary from the Institute of Internal Auditor’s GTAG (Global Technology Audit Guide) #12 ( Auditing IT. Start studying GTAG Auditing IT Projects: Appendix A – Project Management. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study.

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The frameworks of business continuity management. Mission of Internal Audit.

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Global Public Sector Insights. Back Establish and maintain project management standards. Become a Ayditing Guidance Contributor. Methods, and procedures of information systems audit. Auditing IT Projects Whether IT projects are developed in house or are co-sourced with third-party providers, they are filled with challenges that must be considered carefully to ensure success.

Global Technology Audit Guide (GTAG) 12: Auditing IT Projects

He has significant and well-balanced technical and management skills as well as vendor and end-user experience; having worked for top-tier global organizations such as IBM Philippines and Sun Microsystems during the earlier part of his career and with UNILAB United Laboratories Inc.


IIA internal audit standards. Plenary 1 – Auditing Smart Devices: Front page News Browsing.

Prevention of abuse and fraud. Robbie holds the following international qualifications: Please enable scripts and reload this page. The fundamentals of internal audit. Gtaag and operating the information security program. Management of security risk in information and information technology Establish and maintain a project management framework that defines the scope and boundaries of managing projects, as well as projecte method to be adopted and applied to each project undertaken.

Information systems audit in the ministries.

Plenary 2 – Business Ptojects Management. She has helped a large commercial bank and software development houses to be CMMI compliant. Types of project audits.

He left the firm for a while to understand better the corporate world and joined one of the largest domestic ICT organization as Chief Audit Executive. How the internal audit activity can actively participate in the review of projects while maintaining independence.

Key project management risks. Trending Pulse of Internal Audit. The difference that Internal Auditors should know about.

Information security regulation and procedures. Early involvement by internal auditors can help ensure positive results and the accompanying benefits. Official information systems audit standards, and guidelines. He has more than six 6 years of working experience in information systems audtiing, internal audit, governance, ghag management, compliance readiness assessments and business process reviews, across various industries, with specialization in the financial services sector.


Establish and maintain project management standards. | Control Result | Unified Compliance

Auditing IT Projects provides an overview of techniques for effectively engaging with project teams and management to assess the projfcts related to IT projects. This Control has the following implementation support Control s: This framework should, among other things, specify the project management methodology to be adopted and applied to these projects.

Basic concepts of risk management. Universal Service Management Body of Knowledge. Computer fraud in the Penal Code Btk.

A glimpse of Change Management. Also, he worked as the head office and information system audit division head in a banking subsidiary of one of the biggest conglomerates in the Philippines. She was part of the Core Team of the first company who earned the BCM Certification in the Philippines wherein there were auriting non conformities cited by the 3rd party assessors.

The basic concepts of information security. App A Objective