Golden Boy, drama in three acts by Clifford Odets, produced and published in It traces the downfall of Joe Bonaparte, a gifted young. The BEST source for Golden Boy, Golden Boy Tickets, and Golden Boy Information. Golden Boy was Clifford Odets’s most successful theatrical production. First published in in the United States, the play was a dramatic departure from.

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Golden Boy

What the golden boy of this allegory is fighting for is a place in the world as an individual; what he wants is to free his ego from the scorn that attaches to “nobodies” in a society in which every activity is viewed in the light of a competition. To achieve this success, he must exploit an accidental attribute of his make-up, a mere skill, and abandon the development of his real self.

As the play goes on and Joe gets more and more entrenched in the lifestyle, the amount of violence in his life increases. I murdered myself, too! They squeeze art out a thousandth of an inch at a time, and that is what their art, for the most part, lacks: However, after Joe accidentally kills the Baltimore Chocolate Drop in the ring, he realizes that he is not the man he used to be.

In the last scene of the play, the stage directions note that Frank sits with ” a bandage around his head. I’ll never play again!

Mendelsohn, in his book, Clifford Odets: In the third scene of the first act, Roxy notes that Joe has been pulling his punches in the ring, and that the crowd does not like him as a result. While there are no direct references to Hollywood, some critics have surmised that Odets’s story was an attempt to snub Hollywood in his drama, something that he did more overtly with his play, The Big Knife. Odets’s use of these images and dialogue is a clear indication that he is trying to send a social message about the labor problems in his time.


See 1 question about Golden Boy…. Jun 06, Clarissa McDaniel rated it it was amazing. Bonaparte sees the broken and deformed knuckles of another boxer in the dressing room, he realizes that if Joe’s hands get hurt, he will never be able to go back to his music career.

Moody is a man in his forties who used to manage all of the great professional boxers.

goldrn Joe is defensive of his differences, including his crossed eyes, and wishes that he could use his music to get even with the people who have made fun of him in the past. As in a movie noir it takes a dame to throw a monkey wrench into the best laid plans of promoters and hustlers. Odets’s father also eventually owned a lucrative goy agency. Clifford Odets, for all of his adult life as a playwright and screenwriter, marveled at the gift of creativity, finding inspiration when that gift seemed within his grasp and enduring depression when it seemed beyond reach.

And it is most characteristic of the situation that while the hero tries to use these people for his own ends he despises them, while they who are to a large extent dependent on him resent the intrusion of any of his personal problems into their business considerations.

Joe, who was just twenty-one, was in love with music, and was probably the best amateur violinist in the city. Moody agrees to take him on, and assigns Tokio as his trainer. The characters felt stereotypical, the progression contrived rather than developing naturally. Odets was born on July 18,in Philadelphia. When Joe is leaving, Mr. I would have to read other plays by Odets to get a This is the first play of Odets’s I have read, based on a very positive New Yorker review of a oglden production.

Mason Victor Heerman Clifford Odets play.

If we analyze it even further we shall find that the choice and placement of almost every character fit into this scheme. Feeling that he has lost Lorna as well as his father’s respect, Joe no longer holds back in the ring.

Golden Boy opens in the Broadway office of fight manager, Tom Moody. In its first run, Golden Boy played for performances. The Richard Boone Show The play itself builds on its violence, getting increasingly more brutal as it goes on.


To ask other readers questions about Golden Boyplease sign up. The story of this play is not so much the story of a prize-fighter as the picture of a great fight—a fight in which we are all involved, whatever our profession or craft.

During the next seven years, Odets acted in a number of roles, but was not very successful, although in he was hired as an understudy for Spencer Tracy in Warren F. This is the first play of Odets’s I have read, based on a very positive New Yorker review of a recent production.

Like Joe, Lorna is stuck in her dependency on Moody and the boxing business that supports them. America is full of it. Six more months later, Joe has become a top-ranked prizefighter. The other major death in the play, the death of the Chocolate Drop in the boxing ring, is also foreshadowed, although not as overtly as Joe’s death.

Golden Boy is his own story, raising the question of whether art and commerce odet. To tell this story two worlds are mirrored in the swiftest, barest odet Even stars have to wait years for a decent play.

Golden Boy by Clifford Odets

Eventually, Odets’s excitement and passion would cool—a result of hard living, many personal and professional disappointments and, simply, aging.

Frank Elgin does succeed with the help of the two closest to him in rising to his full stature as an actor. Tear his skull off! He rapidly improves his fighting technique, to the delight of his managers and the horror of his father. Later, Moody worries that Joe is getting too hard to manage and encourages Lorna to seduce Joe away from fast cars and his old life.