Dive deep into T. S. Eliot’s Gerontion with extended analysis, commentary, and discussion. About T S Eliot. Thomas Stearns Eliot (T S Eliot) was born in in Boston, United States. However, he had his roots in Old and New England. standing “Gerontion,” the most important poem Eliot wrote be- tween “The Love Song .. The following analysis of the structure of “Gerontion” is based upon the .

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It has been used as the titles of plays by Van Badham and Charles Everedof novels by Gerontiln Frischand of albums by bands such as Waysted. The speaker of the poem is an old man in an old house, whose thoughts drift while being read to by a boy, and these thoughts form the poem.

Many of the themes within “Gerontion” are present throughout Eliot’s later works, especially within The Waste Land.

Attention is focused on the house of the twentieth-century Church as contemporary participants in the Mass are superimposed upon the Pharisees and upon the seventeenth-century Church as accomplices in the ongoing rejection of Christ. Instead of being located, grounded in herontion referential way, the language, which is full of dislocations, tends to float; it refuses to be tied to a limiting scene or to a limited meaning.

Two earlier versions of the poem can be found, the original typescript of the poem as well as that version with comments by Ezra Pound. From Mastery and Escape: It may be supposed that Eliot, who became an admirer of Andrewes’s theology, is contrasting the rejection of Christ by the Jews to the acceptance of Christ by the Church, or that he is contrasting the Pharisees’ blindness to Andrewes’s insight.

Depraved May returns annually, rhythmically, in any age without love.

Summary and Analysis of Gerontion by T S Eliot – Beaming Notes

From Harmony of Dissonances: Lured by modernism, they geronrion the truth with darkness, taking only some of it with them and interpreting it as they wish.


Humans are the ones covering them in darkness and hence seeing and interpreting only a part of it at a time; and hence losing the main meaning.

But this is merely one suggestion of how to respond to the ambiguous and elusive images and statements in this poem. Given the idealist historicism that Eliot inherited from Bradley, history cannot possibly be an “other,” separated from the self who conceives it.

The gerontion then speaks of history.

Interesting Literature

Augustine’s “Descend that ye may ascend. When and why did it happen? The body of Christ is a house apart in “Gerontion”; it also stood in a dry and windy land, but instead of decaying in the general aridity, it was arrested in ajalysis strength and destroyed. Rock singer Fish entitled his first solo album Vigil in a Wilderness of Mirrors. A Short Analysis of T.

Gerontion’s mind shifts continually between his present situation and his past memories. The Pharisees witnessing these signs responded with their usual request, “We would see a sign! This passage is crucial to understand “Gerontion,” for it identifies the curse that has brought all these houses Greek, Jewish, Christian to ruin; this curse is a mentality that isolates intelligence from passion and from belief.

Auden Poems Everyone Should Read. Firstly, there is a fusion of individual humans and humanity.

A Short Analysis of T. S. Eliot’s ‘Gerontion’ | Interesting Literature

From Modernist Poetics of History: CATS musical, film. New poets mean new and fresh assessments of the old hierarchy. However, he had his roots in Old and New England. Gerontion, by T S Eliot was first published in the year According to this essay, no poet is an island. The Church is another of this poem’s decaying, crumbling houses in dry and windy lands.

Unlike “Prufrock” Gerontion is constructed out of echoes of literature, and Eliot has fitted these quotations together like parts of a fishing rod.

The literary critic Anthony Juliuswho has analysed the presence of anti-Semitic rhetoric in Eliot’s work, [31] [32] has cited “Gerontion” as an example of a poem by Eliot that contains anti-Semitic sentiments.


This stanza relocates readers, giving them a far more inclusive vantage point. From his draughty windows Gerontion looks up a barren hill: He says heroism fathers unnatural vices. But these sons of David are not the only tenants of this antique house.

He describes it as cunning, contrived and deceiving. Peter Sharpe states that “Gerontion” is the poem that shows Eliot “taking on the mantle of his New England Puritan forebears” as Gerontion views his life as the product of sin. We will try to get in touch with you as soon as possible. The dissolution of time, the system of allusion, and even the metrical experimentation within the limits of a much order metrical system, tested in Gerontion.

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TS Eliot analysis ‘Gerontion’ (1920).

The new writer is not only the product of tradition, he is part of it, and what he does may well alter it. Journey of the Magi: He has no hope for them nor for himself. University of Georgia Press pp. Excerpts from the play. Registration Forgot your password? Auth with social network: Penn State Pressp.

She “gives too late or too soon,” like a frustrating woman, and she leaves her lover not only ill-at-ease but frightened. But Christ came not to send peace, but a sword; the Panther of the bestiaries, luring the gentler beasts with His sweet breath of doctrine, is geronton the Tiger of destruction.

The narrator of the poem discusses sexuality throughout the text, spending several lines, including lines 57—58 where he says:. Yet the suggestion of a voice, a character, a personal tragedy is very strong.