We offer our customers the ideal solution for their high precision requirements. Gehring form honing is an innovative process which allows to perform cylinder . The Gehring honing control allows for controlled stroke speeds and a high.

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The revision of the joint kinematics in the tool string as a whole — in particular the integration of the lower joint into the honing tool — leads to an ideal compensation of the angular deviation and offset of the gehrng bore to the machine spindle. Stone with T-shaped profile with a narrow reduced section and a short wide work element in the lower area.

Honing Machines | Gehring

EMO Hanover — A look back at a very successful trade show We give you a brief review of the EMO in Hannover through this short film we produced at our booth at the show.

Startseite – Kundenservice – Quicklink – Triple 1: The ideal composition and all other influencing factors to the honing process need to be coordinated in order to achieve optimal end results. Sophisticated technology Independently moveable honing spindles Rigid spindle bearings e. Examples of variations of functional shapes.

Principle of Form honing The ideal cylindrical bore distorts goning operating conditions. By using our website, you agree that we make use of cookies to enhance your browsing experience with Gehring.

These challenges place new and ever increasing demands on equipment, requiring innovative engineering and advanced manufacturing solutions. If required, individual units can easily be deselected and deactivated.

Gehring offers a huge range of honing tools for your process. Primarily developed for the honing of engine blocks with bore diameters of 68 – mm, the size of the machine has behring optimized. The so-called tool string consists of the honing tool and the connecting piece for the spindle.


Nm 90 Stroke Speed, max. Honing Machines Our product range includes honing machines for machining of bores in the range of 0. Startseite – Maschinen – Gehrung – Triple 1: We offer everything from single source- abrasives and tooling to honing machines. Form honing professional does not only optimize the local piston clearance but also compensates for cylinder deviations from static and thermal distortions.

The Diato honing stones which are also a product of the Gehring Group, have abrasives made from synthetic diamond or cubic boron nitride cBN. Further to Technological Advice. By means of form honing, this deformation is reproduced during manufacturing which results in an almost cylindrical shape during operation. The process works with newly developed process hardware such as special honing tools with shorter abrasives dynamic stroke control dynamic electromechanical expansion system spring-mounted finish honing tool The conical shape is generated by feedback controlled stroke displacement with higher stock removal in the lower bore section due to increased contact time of the abrasives.

The thermal expansion due to the higher taper in the top dead center leads to a cylinder bore which has to be honed to a smaller size at the top and a larger size at the bottom. Your benefits are clear.

PT Series tooling system

Maschinen – Lifehone – Quicklick – Triple: At Gehring, we offer complete support in all service matters. For detailed information about our cutting materials please click here. In order to be able to implement form honing professional, innovative processing hardware is necessary:. Customer Service Long-term success requires efficient products and excellent service during gehrint entire life cycle.

The abrasive layer is produced with a steel blank and the honing stone is soldered or bonded onto the stone holder of the tool.

Whether Gehring or third party – we will rework your honing tools back to gehting condition. And we also rework your old or used honing tools to extend their lifetime! The standard assemblies used are easily accessible and the machine is designed to be simple to maintain. Continuous professional tooling rework increases the life cycle of your honing tools and guarantees optimal process reliability.


Gehring Technologies – Advanced Honing Technology | Gehring

The high movement and cutting speeds, together with optimized processes, significantly increase productivity. Whether machining of cylinder or crankshaft bore, whether modular variant or transfer line, we offer the right solution.

Honing Machines Precision honing machines for machining bores in the range of 0.

Maschinen – Microstar – Quicklink – Triple: PT Series tooling system The tool for the machining of bores with mm diameter. Nm Stroke Speed, max. The honing with diamond or CBN abrasives is indispensable in modern productions.

Defense and Aerospace

Produkte – Honwerkzeuge – Quicklink – Triple 1: The optimized coordination of the honingstone-length and the honingstone-overflow refering to the drilling-length genring most important.

That means that in honijg conditions round and straight bores can be achieved. The compact honing unit with powerful stroke and efficient direct spindle drive stands for high level flexibility.

Skip to main content. Typical areas of application Applications for the PT Series are cylinder crank cases in diverse models. The main application is the machining of bores, but it can also be used for plane surfaces, waves or untrue bores. The adjustability of the joints ensures an extremely long life. Internal cooling is possible by means of ahigh coolant supply.