Margarita Fleitas., Empresaria Independiente en DXN ARGENTINA. Follow. Published on Jul 19, 0 Comments; 2 Likes; Statistics. Presentacion Ganoderma Uploaded by Anonymous dIkbL28 .. Uploaded by. Anonymous . GANOTERAPIA DXN MUCHAS GRACIAS GANOTERAPIA DXN GANODERMA DXN Y LA CALIDAD DE VIDA RG apoya el cuerpo con la.

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The disease is found only in the skin, by the lack of a cell: We offer the opportunity for everyone to start a low risk and low cost business.

Subscription to the newsletter An error has occurred. Not Applicable Facebook Likes: Do not drink alcohol, smoke, or activities that could damage health.

It is a domain having. Not Applicable Alexa Rank: Not Applicable H3 Headings: In Ganotherapy, it uses Ganoderma extracts from the fruit body and its mycelium ganotearpia gain health.

Ganoterapia DXN Dr. Lim Siow Jin

Regulating 1- 12 months. Start with lingzhi and reishi then consume and ganocelium won for best results, during the treatment, do not forget ingesting more than eight glasses of water a day.

When a person has a diseases or illness, they usually turn to a prescription drug to solve that problem. Receive news and offers directly in your email.

DXN (Brand)

Ganoterapiz is the pigment that by some unidentified cause so far does not occur in the normal way decreasing the quantity and discolored our skin. Not Applicable Facebook Comments: Notifications of publication of articles Bulletins of the blog. The ganoderma is recommended in preference consume on an empty stomach.


The extract of Ganoderma lucidum is going to be absorbed systemically and the action will take place at the cellular level and the tissues will look like before in a few months of treatment.

Before applying the cream resulting, wash the area to be treated with soap. Then the following five steps of health improvement take place.

Ganoderma DXN by Rafael Enrique velasquez Rojas on Prezi

The mission of this blog is letting you know about DXN products and that you have information to hand of the Ganoteapia Lucidu Recommend this blog Return to the main page Contact Created the: It is to be understood that the health improvement largely depends on the consumers own body condition, level of toxins in the body, duration of suffering from any ailment and ganoterapka other lines of treatment one is undergoing.

The body using its own natural excretory mechanism, which is activated by Ganoderma, carries out this process. There are also cases of patients with psoriasis, that using the treatment of Ganoderma for vitiligo have reversed the disease with excellent results.

It is the process whereby our body is functioning at its optimum level and has a rejuvenating effect restore youthful appearance, strength and peace of mind. Regenerating 1 — 3 years. It is recommended that the intake of plenty of water, fruit and vegetables to a greater degree. This is a sign that the body is healing and one should not worry about it.


Our body immune system when at its optimum condition is able to fight numerous diseases at one time, knowing the priority and without having side effects. The bio-Chemical as well as bio-electric factors of the body are balanced and the organ functions are regulated to normal levels.

Page Title of ganoterapiapanama. But one can certainly expect a good overall improvement in health on continuous consumption for more than 12 months.


You will be given same account with the advance in the treatment. In this way the results will be visible in a short time. Ganotherapy supports in achieving good health by detoxifying and regulating the body. Some herbs are truly powerful and can, indeed, help a person overcome practically any disease: Please try again later.