The widest range of focal lengths in the Cabrio PL-mount range, the ZK mm can be used in almost any shooting situation. With more and more “affordable” cinema lenses entering the market, Fujinon have decided to take $10,US off the list price of their Cabrio. Like all Cabrio zooms, the PL mm supports an optional detachable drive unit for electric zooming, focusing and iris. Mounting the unit enables remote.

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The V2 is also fully 4K rated whereas the V1 was just below full 4K resolution.

The Cabrio series have long been a fan of many a DP, and they continue to be a very popular rental item. Despite not being that close, the sharpness of the lens wide open at T2. It has a flange focal distance adjustment, so you can manually adjust the back-focus of the lens in the field. The Fujinon Cabrio cabroi a high quality cinema lens that also fits my criteria of a documentary zoom cabdio. The mm in particular has been a hugely successful lens for Fujinon, and can be found in just about any rental house.

From Image Plane 2. For further details see delivery estimates in cart. The focus, zoom, and iris barrels are geared with standard 0. Designed for use with: When the drive unit is fujijon to the lens, a digital auto-aligning system quickly and accurately calibrates it to the zoom, focus, and iris gears. See all posts by Matthew.


Behind the Lens: Fujinon Cabrio 20-120mm

To test the edge brightness, we took the resolution chart shot at all T-stops from wide open to T11 and looked at it on a waveform monitor. Power is provided by either an external connector or fujijon PL mount’s interface.

If we look at the off-kilter boxes on the resolution chartwe can look for chromatic aberration, or color fringing. The lens holds its sharpness throughout the entire aperture range, and there is no noticeable sharpness falloff on the edges.

Behind the Lens: Fujinon Cabrio mm | Tutorials & Guides | Blog & Knowledge | AbelCine

The color of this lens is a neatly identical match fuhinon the The lens rings are incredibly smooth and well dampened, making operation a pleasure. As you get right along the edge of frame, the out of focus elements get one side cut off, creating a jagged outer edge. Order in the next 0: The detachable drive unit is an ENG-style hand grip with a zoom rocker switch, bit encoding, and an cxbrio for remote control via a wired or wireless controller from Fujinon or other cabro, third party manufacturers.

Surprisingly, the breathes less than the more expensive The second test was at the pool table, at the wide and tight end of the lens. At the wide end of the lens, there is a bright halo around the light that changes its geometry and color as the lens moves around the light. Find out more about Newsshooter.


Be the first to review this item. The minimum focus leaves something to be desired at 3. There is no sharpness falloff on the edges, and the sharpness holds from wide open at T2. Very early on, there is a bright, abstract flare on the edge of frame that is intense blue, fuhinon yellow.

The lens is also fully smart, so cameras that read lens data will capture focus, iris and zoom data. The Cabrio is a PL-mount, all metal constructed cinema lens. On top of that, the center of gravity seems a bit forward, which accentuates the perception of weight when shooting on your shoulder.

We then attached the lens and shot a white card under the same lighting conditions. The Cabrio features a multitude of well thought out, high-end attributes that make for easier shooting.

There does appear to be slight chromatic aberration in vertical sections of the high contrast parts of frame, and the lens breathes at all focal lengths.

Fujinon ZKmm T Cabrio Premier Lens (PL Mount) ZKX19

E-Mail Address Sign up to our weekly email and get our best bits straight to your inbox. The first is in the interview frame at both 35mm and 50mm. This gave us an accurate read on the lens color properties.