The Leuchter Reports has 16 ratings and 4 reviews. N said: Article by Germar Rudolf: The Forensics Report That Changed History: The Leuchter Report is one of those rare and most precious documents. Prepared and written by Fred A. Leuchter, a consultant in the United States for the. The best known “expert analysis” of this variety is the so-called “Leuchter Report,” issued by an American manufacturer of execution equipment and proclaimed.

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There are two chambers, an unknown leucbter and a control booth, which has two steel cylinders, allegedly having contained carbon monoxide, which are piped into the two chambers.

Leuchter report – Wikipedia

Kent marked it as to-read Mar 22, According to Pressac, “probably” no more than ten thousand persons were put to death in the alleged “gas chamber” of Krema I. Apparently neither opening had a door, but this was not verifiable since one wall had been removed and one opening had been moved. The most insidious and effective effort has been has been a behind-the-scenes campaign to destroy his livelihood by pressuring state governments to stop employing him as their execution hardware engineer.

The Leuchter Reportpp. The interior partitions, pillars and ceiling all received a coat of roughcast about 1 to 1. Faurisson wanted this gas chamber to yield a perfect for him result across the board — that is to say, uniformly negative.

Thus, discrediting Leuchter’s method of taking samples and his conclusions regarding their chemical content is really the major leuchte of Pressac’s two essays in Truth Prevails. To prevent his “precious” samples from being polluted during their removal, Leuchter and his assistant At the trial, Leuchter was called upon to defend the report in the capacity of an expert witness; however during the trial, the court ruled that he had neither the qualifications nor experience to act as such.

Air floor by floor.

Leuchter report

Pauling, the pigment Prussian blue is made by the addition of ferric [iron III ] ion to a ferrocyanide solution. The roof vents were not gasketed and fres wood ndicated they had recently been rebuilt.


It has been practiced by many cultures for many centuries. The physical and chemical conditions in the alleged “gas chambers” were such that a significant amount of HCN would have remained after a “gassing,” impregnating the brick and forming significant quantities of Prussian blue. Remarkable about both chambers is what appears to be a rabbet or groove cut into the four 4 steel doors, which is consistent with the placement of a gasket.

The Leuchter Reports: Critical Edition

First, there is a rebuilt crematory with an alleged gas chamber. Personnel A disinfestation squad consisting of at least 2 members is employed for leuchyer disinfestation project.

Note this picture is supposedly taken from inside the alleged Gas Chamber. Lenski, The Holocaust on Trialpp.

Krema I is adjacent to the S. As early aswith the help of an American friend, Eugene C. Execution gas chamber design requires the consideration of many complicated problems.

Each disinfestation squad must at all times carry: Want to Read saving…. The walls of the alleged gas chambers contain a large amount of iron. This videotape, produced under the name of Samisdat Torontodoes not show the entire visit.

Leuchter Report / Holocaust denial / History / Auschwitz-Birkenau

Just imagine what Leuchter’s critics would be saying if he had conducted his forensic examination of the Polish leuchfer on his own initiative, without charge.

And this myth will not die easily: Pressac realizes the importance of the samples taken from the “gas chambers” and the delousing facility. The chambers are too small to physically contain the occupants claimed and the doors all open inward, a situation which would inhibit removal of the bodies.

My initial conversations with Fred Leuchter took place in Boston on the 3rd and 4th of February, Concentrations of some ppm and above will prove fatal for exposure times of over 1 hour.

Far-right politics Hate Racism. The alleged execution gas chamber is adjacent to the crematory with apparently no means of containing the HCN gas. Therefore, it is the author’s best engineering opinion that chambers 1 and 2 were never, and could not ever, be used as execution gas chambers. The mixture required for fumigation is parts per million ppm or 0.


He testified under oath that he had consulted with Leuchter on the design, maintenance and operation of the Missouri gas chamber, and confirmed that, to the best of his knowledge, Leuchter is the only such consultant in the United States. As British historian David Irving has written:.

Lenski, The Holocaust on Trialp. A Little Matter of Genocide: It is generally too costly to incinerate the HCN because of the air volume it must handle in a short time re;ort. The chamber pressure is controlled by a vacurizer system which should hold the chamber at a partial vacuum of 10 pounds per square inch psi operational: As for the “gas chambers,” Pressac alleges the HCN was in physical contact with their walls “for no more than ten minutes a day,” at a temperature of about 30 degrees Celsius 86 degrees Fahrenheit.

All systems employed the gas generator technique because it was the most effective and simplest procedure available up until the late ‘s. Recently, however, the more daring modern historians have begun using the tools of forensic science — carbon-dating, gas chromatography, and simple ink-aging tests — to examine, and not infrequently dispel, some of the more tenaciously held myths of the twentieth century.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. There were no execution gas chambers at any of these locations. First, the Institute of Forensic Research in Krakow, Poland, corroborated Leuchter’s findings in a confidential September forensic report. Aran marked it as to-read Aug 10, It shows a morgue of some cu. The period is to be extended to at least 32 hours if the temperature is below 5 degrees Centigrade.

The lecuhter has been a consultant to the states of Missouri, California and North Carolina. CRC Press,p. The lighting was not, and is not now, explosion- proof. Darius freed it it was ok Oct 17,