Jeanne Guyon discovers the great difference between praying to God and experiencing God through prayer. In this inspirational book she shares secrets of this. Madame Jeanne Guyon discovered the great difference between praying to God, and experiencing God through prayer. She shares the secrets of this higher. Lisa Donovan’s thoughts and quotes from. Experiencing God through Prayer. By Madame Jeanne Marie Guyon (). Although her writings must be read.

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What risk do you run in depending solely on God, and abandoning yourself wholly to Him? John relates that there was silence in heaven.

We must therefore be resigned to the Spirit of God, giving ourselves up wholly to his divine guidance. Memory Verses; 2nd Set: Liz rated it it was amazing Jun 14, There are many reasons for this, the chief of which are those which follow. Till conversion is perfected, many reiterated acts are necessary; for it is with some progressive, though with others it is instantaneous.

But how is it we pass into God?

As all action is estimable only in proportion to the grandeur and dignity of the efficient principle, this action is incontestably more NOBLE than any other.

Farther, the pure and the impure gold are not mingled; before they can be united, they must be equally refined; the goldsmith cannot mix dross and gold.

I do not mean by this, to discourage mortification; for it should ever accompany prayer, according to the strength and state of the person, or as obedience demands. This way is not dangerous. Even from their want of learning, they submit more freely to the teachings throhgh the divine Spirit; whereas others, who are cramped and blinded by self-sufficiency, offer much greater resistance to the operations of grace. In the mortification of the eye and ear, which continually supply the busy imagination with new subjects, there is little danger of falling into excess; but God will teach us this also, and we have only to follow his Spirit.

Yea, she may forget; yet will not I forget thee. This is finely represented by the prophet Ezekiel’s vision of the wheels, which had a living Spirit; and whithersoever the Spirit was to go, they went; they ascended and descended as they were moved; for the Spirit of life was in them, and they returned not when they went.


Though we are not all called prager the ministry of Christian Writer, we are all called by God to share our faith witness with those who are not Christians. We do not, then, say, as some have supposed, that there is no need of activity ; since, on the contrary, it is the gate; at which, however, we should not always tarrysince we ought to tend towards ultimate perfection, which is impracticable except the first helps are laid aside; for however necessary they may have been at the entrance of the road, they afterwards become greatly detrimental to those who adhere to them obstinately, preventing them from ever attaining experiemcing end.

Other On-Line Manuscripts from the Past. A CTS are distinguished into external and internal.

Experiencing God Through Prayer by Jeanne Marie Bouvier de la Motte Guyon

The reason why inward silence is so indispensable, is, because the Word is essential and eternal, and necessarily requires dispositions in the soul in some degree correspondent to His nature, as a capacity for the reception of Himself. Is she idle, barren, or unfruitful? Some are very uneasy at their inability to meditate on certain mysteries; but without reason, since an affectionate attachment to God includes in itself every species of devotion, and whoever is calmly united to God alone, is, indeed, most excellently and effectually applied to every divine mystery.

DeLea rated it really liked it Sep 30, The Spirit leads us into truth and way from error. What will he do, then?

Experiencing God Through Prayer

Her opinions were condemned by a commission, of which Bossuet was president. Valentina rated it liked it Jan 08, Why, then, should we be burthened with superfluous cares, and weary ourselves in the multiplicity of our ways, without ever saying, let us rest in peace.

She was imprisoned at Vincennes in Decemberand the next year moved to Vaugirard, under a promise to avoid all receptions and correspondence, except by special permission.

A LL are capable of prayer, and it is a dreadful misfortune that almost all the world have conceived the idea that they are not called to prayer. When the soul yields itself to the influence of this blessed Spirit, it perceives the testimony of its divine filiation; and it feels also, with superadded joy, that it has received, not the spirit of bondage, but of liberty, even the liberty of the children of God; it then finds that it acts freely and sweetlythough with vigor and infallibility.


The sparkling gems of truth in this book were never meant to be read and put back on your bookshelf.

It may, perhaps, be objected here, that as God never robs man of his free will, he can always resist the divine operations; and that I therefore err in saying God acts absolutely, and without the consent of man.

The simple and undisguised emotions of love are infinitely more expressive than all language, and all reasoning.

Experiencing God Through Prayer : Madame Guyon :

The centre always exerts a very powerful attractive virtue; and the more spiritual and exalted it is, the more violent and irresistible are its attractions. Diana Fallon rated it it was amazing Mar 05, By man’s giving a passive consent, God, without usurpation, may assume full power and an entire guidance; for having, in the beginning of his conversion, made an unreserved surrender of himself to all that God wills of him prxyer by him, he thereby gave an active consent to whatever God might afterwards require.

Augustine, “and then do what you please. When the vessel is thus started, as she advances rxperiencing the sea, she leaves the shore behind; and the farther she gor from the land, the less labor is requisite in moving her forward.

Let us learn from the same great Apostle, that skillful Mystic, and Master of the interior life, where he adds, “He that searcheth the heart, knoweth what is the mind of the Godd because he maketh intercession for the saints, according to the will of God” Rom.

O how unnecessary is it to teach an art of loving!