I’ve held off for a little while from posting I really don’t want to jinx my progress. I’ ve been dealing with hormonal cystic acne since I was about. Spironolactone is a synthetic steroidal drug that causes loss of libido, depression, and fatigue. It masks symptoms but doesn’t solve any. Many cases of acne are hormonal in nature, meaning that they occur in adolescent girls and women and are aggravated by hormonal fluctuations such as those.

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Spironolactone – Wikipedia

I am also taking bioidentical hormones and my hair is thinning more than ever. In the study by Mansurul and Islam [ 36 ], 13 women reported polymenorrhea, and 1 or 2 reported diarrhea. In females spironolactone can induce menstrual disturbances, breast enlargement and breast tenderness.

Fast forward… I had been called back in after 2 mammograms. A comparison of current acne grading systems and proposal of a novel system. Thank you so much for your reply. Crying after every shower. Spironolactone also commonly and dose-dependently produces gynecomastia breast development as a side effect in men. Combining data from both phases may have reduced the magnitude of the difference in lesion count reduction, which was already large, if there had been carryover of the spironolactone effect after the washout period had ended.

Spironolactone Reviews –

Proceedings of the Wspironolactona Academy of Sciences. Thankfully I knew these thoughts were irrationally but it was soooo scary! Only two trials reported the number of women experiencing any side effect [ 3238 ].

I have had GGT and all is normal. A reduction in sebum may be achieved by blocking dihydrotestosterone binding to the androgen receptor within sebocytes and inhibiting androgen-induced sebocyte proliferation [ 1617 ].

You can read more about spironolactone in Chapter 7 of my book. Thank you so much for replying to my message and telling me about your experience with spironolactone and for all your advices, it is so nice of you! International Drug Price Indicator Guide. There was some very-low-quality evidence that menstrual irregularities, the most common side effect observed in RCTs and case series, are dose-related and can be minimized by concomitant use of a combined oral contraceptive.


Spironolactone is relatively safe in acute overdose.

Male hair loss is a completely different situation, as hair loss is normal for men. Sure enough, my body hair got thinner and lighter. Hi Melanie, Thank you for bringing this up. I do ovulate every month at least my body temp goes up. I would get a cyst on occasion while avoiding dairy. The initial response was dizziness, fatigue, and irritability. Im not sure where to go can you please help, Im in Perth. Neither study included a COC-only or spironolactone-only treatment arm, making it impossible to determine the contribution of spironolactone to the efficacy of the combination.

Oral Spironolactone for Acne Vulgaris in Adult Females: A Hybrid Systematic Review

Stopping spironolactone can trigger temporarily worsened hair loss like a telogen effluviumwhich is why I usually try to wean it down. Also, do you think that progesterone causes bone deficiency??? As well as these, three additional articles included some data on side effects in women with acne [ 535658 ]; they did not address clinical effectiveness.

What the review has highlighted is a paucity of high-quality evidence for the effectiveness of oral spironolactone in the management of acne in adult females. It feels a little hopeless. Should I stick with this med? I had long silky straight hair which changed texture Nd became flyway dry and wispy. I am going to start bio identical progesterone and optimize my Thyroid, and hope for some success.

Carrell 12 April What can i do if hormonal imbalance and testosterone are to blame? acen

Topical spironolactone inhibits dihydrotestosterone receptors in human sebaceous glands: I have to find something besides oral antibiotics: While endorsing key aspects of expert opinion with hard data and providing some new insights, this systematic review has highlighted existing important gaps in the evidence about how best to utilize oral spironolactone in managing acne in women, including clarifying the optimum dose and dosing regimen to maximize benefits and minimize the risk of side effects, the lowest effective dose, the possible requirement for concomitant therapies and what these should be, which types of acne are likely to be responsive, and how effective spironolactone is compared with standard therapies.


I began retaining water, had severe panic attacks, insomnia and aggression to name a few of the issues. The quality of the evidence was assessed for all comparisons and was downgraded by several levels, principally due to limitations in study design and implementation, and imprecision due to low sample sizes, and was consequently rated low or very low for our predefined outcomes.

But now I get little heat spurts. Hence the finding that patient outcomes are not improved with use of spironolactone.

Spironolactone – Reviews

In that case, the hair loss is probably just a temporary effect of the androgen, and it should improve on its own—without spironolactone.

It is so hard to continuously watch acme fall out as it is thin to begin with and I regret having gone on it. Published online Feb 2.

I am loosing this battle, though! Spironolactone has been studied in the treatment of rosacea in both males and females.

Do you diet, or are you low body weight? Would appreciate your opinion. I am so tired of being sick like this times a month since the summer.

I also use DIM, magnesium and D3 to help my body rid itself of estrogen excess.

Change in sebum excretion rate on the face using a validated method Note clinical outcomes and measures 1—3 may be subject to change as a result espiroonlactona ongoing work by the Acne Core Outcomes Research Network.

My sjin has never been clearer and my hair has never been thinner. I wish I would’ve gone on it sooner instead of suffering espironolatona acne for all of these years. Hi Karen, Unfortunately, I can give only fairly generalised advice online.