22 jan. Avaliação Dopplervelocimétrica da artéria testicular de cães e correlação da artéria testicular e sua influência no espermograma de cães. Recoleccion de semen en caninos. Resultados espermograma 2 – Duration: 42 seconds. Johavalez. 8 years ago; 1, views. Motilidad 80%. Johavalez. La farmacocinética es independiente del sexo en ratas y perros. a quienes se les realizó un espermograma antes y después del tratamiento con miltefosina;.

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Phosphoric acid activation of sugarcane bagasse for removal of o- toluidine and benzidine. In situ neutron reflectivity studies of poly-o- toluidine films. In the pig, mucosal and submucosal MCs do not stain or stain only faintly after formalin fixation.

Protection of carotenoid-producing cells against inactivation was not observed with acridine orange plus visible light but was seen with toluidine blue O plus visible light. Screening for oral cancer.

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Histologic examination of tissue is the foundation of Mohs micrographic surgery because determination of surgical margins influences whether additional tissue will be taken.

Published by Elsevier B.

The bienzyme electrode offered high sensitivity for amperometric determination of glucose at low potential, displaying Michaelis-Menten kinetics.

Other chronic problems in the patients included caanino, diabetes, smoking, and alcoholism. This work presents results of the study on the extraction of copper by mixed extractant consisting p – toluidine dissolved in toluene.

Their appearence were plain reddish ulceration, irregular margins which became evident after circumcision. The polychromatic methylene blue proved to be the optimal staining.


Decomposition of aromatic amines was not enhanced by the addition of decomposable substrates. Furthermore, the anatomical relationship between parasite and its host plant was examined. In this rapid, simple, and convenient enzymatic method for measurement of tyrosine in plasma, tyrosine is converted to tyramine by action of tyrosine decarboxylase EC 4. While other aromatic compounds are known to damage the human liver and are registered as toxic substances, toxicity information concerning 5-nitro-o- toluidine is lacking.

Considering size, morphology, i Short-course of oral miltefosine for treatment of visceral leishmaniasis. Aromatic hydrogens in alkylbenzenes, oxygenated benzenes, m- toluidinem-phenylenediamine, thiophene, and several polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and metallocenes are exchanged under positive ion CI conditions by using either D 2 O, EtOD, or ND sspermograma as the reagent gas.

The purpose of this study was to develop a chitosan hydrogel containing hydroxypropyl methylcellulose HPMC, chitosan and toluidine blue O TBO to improve the bactericidal efficacy for topical application in clinics.

To evaluate espermoggrama ability of the eluate from fibrin-rich plasma FRP membrane to induce proliferation and differentiation of isolated human adipose-derived stem cells ASCs into chondrocytes. Nested PCR can be used to determine the status of Pneumocystis jirovecii infection in other lung diseases.

The photoinactivation of conidia was suppressed by azide, bovine serum albumin, and histidine, and was stimulated in deuterium oxide.

The crystal and molecular structure of para- toluidine has been solved by X-ray and neutron diffraction counter techniques. There is limited evidence for their use in primary care, and these tools are better suited to specialist clinics in which there is a higher prevalence of disease and where experienced clinicians may better discriminate between benign and malignant lesions.


The plant material was fixed, freehand sectioned and stained either with toluidine blue or astra blue and basic fuchsine. The techniques were validated using self-assembled monolayers of alkanethiols with known amounts of charged moieties. Antihyperglycemic and Antioxidant Activity of Fructus hordei The midrib is biconvex and the petiole is plain-convex, both traversed by collateral vascular bundles adjoined with sclerenchymatic caps.

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For this purpose, different tissue fixation and staining methods that also allow potential subsequent immunohistochemical investigations were evaluated in the porcine mucosa, as well as submucosa of small and large intestine.

The mental nerve had a larger cross-sectional area including all tissue components. Mol Biochem Parasitol ;5: DNA binding experiments results reveal that the synthesized complexes interact with DNA through intercalative mode. Aniline ANI and the human carcinogen o- toluidine OT are released at the workplace during the production and processing of rubber. A completely distinct spectral behavior of Canlno has been observed corresponding to pre-micellar and post-micellar region of AOT.

Histological techniques are critical for observing espeermograma and cellular morphology.