Erfworld is a story-driven fantasy/comedy webcomic about a master strategy gamer summoned into and stuck inside a wargame. The first book, The Battle for Gobwin Knob was written by Rob Balder and illustrated by Jamie Noguchi. Erfworld was recognized as one of the top 10 graphic novels of by. Erfworld Book 1: Battle for Gobwin Knob [Jamie Noguchi, Rob Balder, none] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Battle for Gobwin Knob. Erfworld has ratings and 9 reviews. Arminzerella said: Parson Gotti (aka Lord Hamster) is called out of his world and into Erfworld (a sort of cutesy.

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The authors explained [61] the page as pointing up the difference between censoring words harming nobody while simultaneously depicting or glorifying acts of mass violence harming many.

But he may not have time. They each fell in battle and Wanda It’s a way to edfworld creative projects to life. He carried the Arkenpliers, though he was not attuned to them, and thus could not use their full abilities. It’s up to you to decide what gets made. He spent months at a time designing strategy games for erforld own amusement as an escape from an unsatisfying job bool life. But I am not attuned to them, as Stanley is to his artifact. Ansom’s coalition has many members, but most prominent in the story are Jetstone Ansom’s kingdomthe forces of Transylvito a vampire -like people and Archons hovering female fighters he has hired from Charlie, a powerful overlord and mercenary.


The Battle for Gobwin Knob – Episode 001

When Xin took over for Jamie, she opted to work for future royalties, rather than being paid by the page. I’d give it a 6 if I could. A tool of the Titans. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Please improve this by adding secondary or tertiary sources. Bogroll was a character in the PartiallyClips strip, [50] and is the only crossover between PartiallyClips and Erfworld. Watch for a project update closer to the con for all the details.

Stanley controls one of erfworlx tools, the Arkenhammer, but his quest for the others seems to have been costly and unsuccessful; the story opens as his final living warlord is killed in battle.

Cute creatures omigod, one of the warlords rides on a flying Peep! All people in Erfworld appear fully formed as adults. Chief Croakamancer serving Lord Stanley, and a member of the lost Croatan tribe. I am a Tool! Retrieved July 13, From now on, everyone addresses me as “Tool! She can send thinkagrams telepathic messages and link multiple casters together to combine their powers. Rather than making wild new goals, I figure we’ll just say that Errfworld 3 could use some full-color splash pagesto show bokk David’s skills at things like cities and landscapes and battle scenes.

Other books in the series.

She is a patient and skilled manager, [21] though she is ruthless in battle and not above using seduction as a erfqorld of manipulating others. There are more stories being told now, more creative dreams being pursued, more authors and artists and filmmakers asking for your contributions than at any time in history.


Book 1 collects strips of the webcomic Erfworld. Reward no longer available 4 backers. Erfworld ” The Webcomic Overlook”.

Erfworld : Book 1 – Patriot Games Ltd

Tim Link rated it really liked it Sep 09, erfwoeld He sends a force of dwagons to make hit-and-run raids on the coalition’s siege units, then draws Ansom into various traps as the coalition pursues the wounded dwagons. Both projects are successfully closed. His name is a British English colloquialism for toilet paper. Adam Meiswinkel rated it it was amazing Jun 04, The army then marches on Jetstone’s capital city with intent to take the city, which according to the rules of Erfworld ends the side and causes the remaining cities to become “neutral.

This ploy tricks Ansom into thinking he has found an unguarded route to the main city garrison. The Battle for Gobwin Knob page David Hahn will create an illustration of this character, and you will receive his signed, original pencil erfworlv. This will be the actual art used in the book, so it may be a year or more before your piece of art is sent to you.

Also, David Hahn will draw a story illustration featuring this character, and you will receive his signed pencils. Also, it doesn’t help that his supreme commander, Lord Stanley, keeps getting in the way of their success.