unification of the two Yemeni Republics in in relation to Edward Azar‟s theory of Protracted Social Conflict. The study verifies Azar‟s. 2 See Edward E. Azar, The Management of Protracted Social Conflict. Theory Theory of Protracted Social Conflict and the Challenge of Transforming Conflict. The Management of Protracted Social Conflicts: Theory and Cases. Front Cover. Edward E. Azar. Dartmouth Peace and conflict studies: an introduction.

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This stage leads to the tangible resolution of the conflict. JavaScript is disabled for your browser. Azar argued that the denial of basic human needs to a large portion of the population initiated instances of protracted social violence. But hostilities continued and even intensified. Please discuss this issue on the article’s talk page. The fourth and final stage of the ARIA model conflicy the “why” and “who” of the conflict, as well as the “how” of cooperation through the tangible “what” of solutions.

The relevance of Edward Azar’s theory of protracted social conflict in the context of Rwanda

When a group’s identity is threatened or frustrated, intractable conflict is almost inevitable. Since the start of war there were some attempts to o a ceasefire.

That led the two communities to embark on a hostile and protracted process of separation and segregation. Retrieved from ” https: At this point, actors begin to see where their identities evward, and where they diverge. All articles with dead external links Articles with dead external links from April Articles with permanently dead external links Wikipedia introduction cleanup from September All pages needing cleanup Articles covered by WikiProject Wikify from September All articles covered by WikiProject Wikify.

Studying protracted conflict leads one to conclude that peace is development in the broadest sense of the term.

Protracted social conflict

To overcome the dominance of the international economy, the country in question must work to build institutions that can ease global dependency and stimulate domestic economic growth.

In the Ceasefire agreement was signed, and the government agreed to disarm all paramilitary groups in the north and east. Some features of this site may not work without it. Abstract The complexity of the conflict in Rwanda has called for the application of various theories, suggestions and recommendations to the situation by various scholars and researchers in an attempt for conflict resolution.

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To alleviate the “underdevelopments” Azar holds responsible for protracted social violence, and in turn overcome the conflict resulting from underdevelopment, Azar points to the needs of security, development, political access and identity in sodial of cultural and religious expression. Tamil secessionists saw the establishment of their own separate state as the only way for securing their people.

The constitution brought a complex system of power-sharingbut azsr groups wanted to gain more advantages. Conflict process Dispute resolution Sectarian violence. With government being “endowed with the authority to govern and use force where necessary to regulate society, to protect citizens, and to provide collective goods,” [8] the government plays a leading role in the satisfaction or lack of satisfaction of minority and identity groups.

But again, because of opposing interests all the proposals failed. This page was last edited on 23 Septemberat The ARIA model is a comprehensive, yet specific approach to resolving protracted social conflict. Weaker states, like those often involved in protracted social conflict, tend to be more influenced by outside connections both economically and politically. Conflict resolution can truly occur and last if satisfactory amelioration of underdevelopment occurs as well.

They run a parallel government in many areas of the north and east of Sri Lanka. From the research made, it has been found that Rwanda offers ample evidence to xzar referred to as a protracted social conflict. This element, which contributes to the initial creation of protracted social conflict, consists of the fact that people involved in protracted social conflicts create their own identity groups.

Olson, “From Interest to Identities: Conflict resolution approaches that focus on resources, or the interests of parties, may be appropriate means of conflict resolution in conflicts where the only issues are those of resource and interests; however, in protracted social conflicts the main issue is identity-based. September Learn how and when to remove this template message.

The Management of Protracted Social Conflicts: Theory and Cases – Edward E. Azar – Google Books

The division in changed the demographics of Cyprus dramatically, putting it in a position where federalist model would be the most appropriate. This results in the domination of certain identity groups over others.


Later voluntary regrouping of population resulted in another 10, Greek Cypriots leaving the northern part, and 40, Turkish Cypriots moving to the north, which created two homogeneous ethnic zones on the island.

When Greek Cypriots wanted to reduce autonomy and representation of Turkish Cypriots, the latter opposed it and intercommunal violence broke out.

The third stage is termed “inventing” and focuses on the “how” of “cooperatively resolving the conflict and its core through integrative solutions. This involves the “political—economic relations of economic dependency within the international economic system, and the network of political-military linkages constituting regional and global patterns of clientage and cross-border interest.

Therefore, to be effective, a conflict resolution framework must specifically emphasize the needs and identities of the edwarx parties.

This creates a “crisis of legitimacy” tneory in the governance of these countries. He terms this approach the ARIA model. Four preconditions are isolated by Azar as the predominant sources of protracted social conflict: Therefore, this research work is a potential significant contribution to the building of meaningful and sustainable peace in Rwanda.

Identifying the root causes of the Rwanda conflict might provide a baseline for redressing the evils in the country. Contemporary Conflict Resolution, Such a need for structural change is likely to result in a violent conflict.

The effect of this stage is termed resonance, as each side has articulated their core concerns and heard the concerns of the other actors. Before the independence of Cyprusthe island’s Greek and Turkish communities coexisted relatively peacefully.

Such identity-driven rifts are the result of an underlying fear of extinction that often grows within vulnerable ethnic groups conlfict live with the memories or fear of persecution and massacre. Numerous peace proposals and plans have been made, but more or less unsuccessful.