Back in the early ‘s I really got into all of Edgar Cayce’s health tips. In those days I had free access to all of his 14, readings (Wow!!) (They still exist. See more ideas about Edgar cayce, Home remedies and Olive oils. Edgar Cayce’s Quick & Easy Home Remedies DVD Edgar Cayce, Castor Oil, Home. I gently removed the cast, wrapped my son’s ankle with a tee shirt soaked in warm castor oil, and then placed a heating pad around it. After two hours I removed.

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Much in the same manner as oil would act upon an inanimate object – it acts as a limbering agent, allowing movement, motion, as may be had by the attempt to move a hinge, a wrench, a center, or that movement of an inanimate machinery motion. The reason for this will become obvious. Many factors which are necessary for good, scientific research are not to be found here for a variety of reasons, not necessary to be explained.

castof You should not use this information as self-diagnosis or for treating a health problem or disease. Events back Search All Events. The largest was 8 mm.

Library back Our History. Back in the early ‘s I really got into all of Edgar Cayce’s health tips. Downloadable Castor Oil pack instructions. Cayce would generally suggest taking olive caastor not castor oil!

Only 5 left in stock – order soon. Her diagnosis recorded for purposes of this study were hypertension and oral contraceptive reaction. Although this therapy may seem unusual, it is one of the best documented. If we can perhaps correlate these two groups of data, these two sources of information which have oll presented here, it may well lead us into a better understanding of the human body as a whole, a goal evgar worth striving for.


Fairs and In-Store Psychics. Library back Our History.

Edgar Cayce Health Database

Oil always drips from the pack vayce it is important catce protect bedding, cushions, or pillows some people prefer to use the pack undressed in order to avoid soiling their clothes. This is perhaps the most unusual case in the series, and I refer to it fondly as “The case of the curly hair”.

The third pack each week was to be followed by oral ingestion of one ounce of olive oil. Spiritual Growth back Christ Consciousness. Then, for the betterment of the general conditions as a whole, it would be well that much of an analysis be given; that the conditions which are existent be thoroughly understood from a psychological, pathological and physiological standpoint.

: Castor Oil Edgar Cayce (4oz) Brand: Heritage Store : Beauty

Diagnosis was cystitis and pyelo-nephritis. Examples of Case Histories from Dr. Media Center back Contact Public Information. Edgar Cayce and the Palma Christi. We see it come to the body much as peace is allowed to come to the earth: Wipe off excess oil keep paper towels near. Dealing with Difficult Relationships. Also, when she washed her hair, she noted that for the first time in her life she could not make the hair develop caastor.


The Day Forgiveness Prayer. Among other things, we observed that the packs, when used in the 81 cases, produced the following results: Botanical drawings of the Castor Oil Tree.

On the second morning of this therapy, patient was completely asymptomatic. Or it may be the “vibratory” effect of the castor oil.

There are then, as given, those influences in the nature of man that may supply that needed. Don’t see what you’re looking for? McGarey found the readings to represent the largest body of information having to do with the use of castor oil packs as therapy.

So one can see that, in the same manner that “man is not an island”, the organs of the body do not stand alone. Healing may really be peace – a peace that comes to rest in the body, that is a reflection of the “peace that passeth understanding”. A large bath towel, folded lengthwise, placed around the entire oiil and fastened with safety pins, can also be used.

The heating pad or water bottle should keep the area warm. Place the plastic wrap or plastic bag on top of the pack, if using.