When using the Dynamix data collector and the Bump Test extension module, you can do the following: • Determine natural (or resonant) frequencies of a. This manual describes the Balancing extension module for the Dynamix data collector. You install the extension module with the Balancing Secure Digital . See Installing Optional Extension Modules on page 7 for installation instructions. When using the Dynamix data collector and the Time Recorder module.

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Wooster, Ohio Phone: Trademarks not belonging to Rockwell Automation are property of their respective companies. Press 0 Shift to display the second set of functions. The recorded time waveforms are stored in dynamxi. Read these installation instructions carefully before commissioning the pressure transmitter.

Battery status is very low: The appropriate Recorder screen appears. The status indicator remains solid even when the error condition disappears.

These extension modules are licensed and ordered separately from the basic entry level product. After installing your device, locate the serial. Rockwell not interested in suporting them for us. Connect the instrument with the USB cable to you computer. When uninstalling an extension module, you have the option to free up the license so you can install the extension module on another instrument.

User Manual DeviceNet Network Configuration Important User Information Solid-state equipment has operational characteristics differing from those of electromechanical equipment.

Follow these steps to enter Preview mode.

They can support your predictive maintenance efforts and provide key machinery vibration diagnostics. The contents of the data collector mobile device appears.


Time Recorder Extension Module for the Dynamix 2500 Data Collector

Extension Manager The Extension Manager function remains on the screen for about three seconds after releasing 0 Shift. Only a small portion from the end of the recorded data can be reviewed with the data collector.

See Installing Optional Extension Dyamix on page 7 for installation instructions. Save the recorded data to the SD card if the.

You can save a time recorder set-up and measurement anytime the Save function is displayed on the screen. See Recorder Status Indicators on page 20 for more djnamix. Automatically find, update and fix the drivers on your computer and turn More information.

Time Recorder Extension Module for the Dynamix Data Collector – PDF

Press to adjust the volume. Your browser does not support iframes. Start display at page:. Time 19 Recorder – Load Setup screen dgnamix Recorder – Save screens 23 Recorder – Setup screen 17 Recorder – Taking Data screen 21, 22 related publications 6 reviewing data time recorder 25 S Save To 19 saving 15, 18, 23, 30 Sens1 18 Sens2 19 storage card 28 T Time Dyamix deleting data 29 Load Setup screen 24 overview 16 pausing the recording 22 recalling setup 24 recording data 22 reviewing data 25 save measurement 23 Save screens 23 save setup 23 setting up 16 Setup screen 17 status indicators 20 Taking Data screen 21, 22 Time Recorder Setup parameters 18, 19 Freq Range 19 Input 18 Range1 19 Range2 19 Rec.

Amber Solid An error has occurred during the recording. When using this cable the parameters change to offer up to 4 sets of data.


Select a file or select -all- to backup all the files. The maximum frequency for the measurement. The new extension module appears in the list. Microlog Series Module Manager and Firmware Install Procedure This document details important module management information and firmware installation instructions not described in the product user manual.

A confirmation message appears. Once you have installed an extension module, the card is locked so that it can only be used with that instrument. The status indicator turns off when the error condition disappears. Press F1 Print to print the screen. Stratix Network Address Translation Quick Start Important User Information Solid state equipment has operational characteristics differing from those of electromechanical equipment.

The Pause function now becomes the Resume function. Press F4 Esc to exit the Extension Manager. Trademark Information is a registered trademark of More information. Press F4 Esc to exit the Extension Manager screen.

To preview the measurement and start recording, press F3 Start. Press F1 Extn Mgr. X Type Sets the vibration measurement type used on channel X. Use the descriptions in Table 2 to help you configure the Time Recorder parameters. February ; August ; February Patent Pending.

Labels may be on or inside the equipment, for example, a drive or motor, to alert people that dangerous voltage may be present. The Recorder screen appears.