May 21, Email This You only register your dog with the AKC if you have a FULL BLOODED breed of dog whom parents had AKC reistered papers. If you. If you could serve your community in this way, please sub- mit your candidate statement to the BCC by June. The Bridgeville . Twenty mile riders – Tour of the Unknown Coast May 5, .. you get kids that are more likely to engage in drunk driving, have .. For Sale— AKC registered black standard. May 3, What do you do when you read a news story that claims pit bulls make up only 5 percent of the dog population but account for a third or even half .

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All this animal abuse makes me sick, people should rot in hell for treating animals so bad, all they want is to be loved. There are companies that will cover the Pitbull breed provided that certain requirements are met…. Reblogged this on Nim Telcontar and commented: Because by all means, since you are such an authority on all things human and animal please, please correct me.

A pitbull that attacks when provoked is likely to do quite a bit of damage. The evening he attacked me had just been laying beside me in the kitchen. Who do you think are sending DNA samples in to the Broad Institute when a dog comes down with a genetic disease? God forbid that dog had been a more powerful breed when it snapped and I am not only pointing to pits.

NONE of the companies I represent will write liability insurance on a home insurance policy if any of the following breeds of dogs present:. They were used as pit dogs as well. Allowing for artistic convention, the medieval Bloodhounds were floppy-eared, droopy-faced, long-legged animals with relatively short muzzles.


The science is there. Issue 72, Page Parvo got along swimmingly with my other three dogs and also loves our cat. We started playing god with dogs 30, years ago. Some of these people have no idea what they are talking about, spewing ignorant nonsense about breeds to which they know nothing akc.

Perhaps if you were thinking based not on what others like the media have told you to think, you would not be likely to discriminate, although, you may do that with people too.

I feel bad that you made such a fool of yourself on this website. Never once did she show any aggression until she was hassled in an alpha battle with one of my much smaller xruk. He had severe arthritis and hip problems by the time he was 5, and spent most of his life on joint medication.

Wood rats, gophers, all of them are fair game.

Pit Bulls by the Numbers : StubbyDog

But NOT a watchdog! Does this mean there is something wrong with all these breeds as well? Any animal is a ticking time bomb.

Heck, even her tail crop was butchered. Pretty ironic that you opened your rant with something about people going on and on about something they know nothing about.

Did any of them akc-h the powerful jaws that enable them to do just that?

May 4, at Because there are more accounts for lab bites than pitbulls attacks sweetie…. They range in weight from 30 to 20112 pounds 13 to 18 kilograms and in height from 17 to 19 inches.


Yes, Pit Bulls Suddenly Snap

I love my Pits almost more than anything in this world and I will defend them till the end. Clearly, the boxer us more of a danger to the general public then my dog.

Canis familiaris Dances WithPuns excuse the lack of italics here. Maybe we should ban mothers since they kill more of their OWN children each year than pit bulls! After we vaccinate and sterilize the dogs we adopt them out at a loss, especially if they needed any vet care beyond that. They are comparatively hypoallergenic, but they themselves suffer from allergies to fleas, tics, chemicals, pollen, dust, etc.

Pit Bulls by the Numbers

The dogs have not been improved. With your knowledge on dogs it would be wise for you to just own a stuff animal or even better play it safe with a pet rock. Or did you just not finish middle school? We love bully breeds here, not bullies! October 14, at 2: I mentioned a similar case here https: To quote the report: A pit bull can hurt a small dog or a child without even intending to — they can be rough players and despite their short size carry a lot of kac-u, literally.

Wkc-u a vruk to a lifetime of suffering for the sake of looks is not an improvement; it is torture. Are they funded by the Koch bros? My family used to have German Shepherds…not any more. Well, he bit people 3 times, seemingly for no apparent reason.