The #1 New York Times bestseller that charts America’s dangerous drift into a drifted from linking the sacrifices of our armed forces around the world to the. DRIFT The Unmooring of American Military Power By Rachel Maddow; WARTIME An Idea, Its history, Its Consequences By Mary L. Dudziak. Rachel Maddow argues that the decision to take America to war has become too easy. The Unmooring of American Military Power.

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It is an important topic worthy of discussion and debate and hopefully action. Although many will discount her work because of her strong political views, Maddow is a great talent, and I look forward to seeing more from her.

A few quick thoughts–first, she does address the fact that Congress has never effectively asserted itself to stop a president with a “bead on war. We ought to see that constitutional inheritance as a national treasure, yet we’ve divest ourselves of it without much of a debate. This complaint was shared with many of my co-workers. They worried that a powerful military could rival civilian government for power in our new country, and of course they worried that having a deift army would create too much of a temptation to use it.

November 20, Panel on War Authors talked about their books on war. Any book that points out that Jeff Sessions is an idiot and manages to ghe the word chickenshittery multiple times is off to a good start, but Drift smerican the extra mile and provides an interesting and well-researched study of military bloat and the U.


We’ve now been at war for more than a decade and most of society hasn’t been impacted at all. Rachel Maddow is a brilliant, insightful, and passionate public intellectual. Yes, it’s worse now than ever, seemingly.

After the presidential election,…. Highlights for me I am sure I will lose all credibility in the eyes of anyone reading this if I admit I originally picked it up due to my giant and long-standing crush ot Rachel Maddow. Yes, Vietnam was conducted poorly by Johnson and Nixon. I watched several of her shows and found them interesting.

She carries through her analysis in an engaging, funny, and entertaining way.

Drift Unmooring American Military Power, Mar 31 | Video |

I’m also a policy hawk — I think an extremely strong American military, used properly, is the best bet the world has to see the influence of democracy, small d, increase over the next years. Since then, a series of wars have been declared by each successive President regardless of political stripe, without Congress’ approval or, in some cases, knowledge.

Oh, and dirty-bombing Spain and Greenland. It held that in times of war the nation should rely not just on the members of our standing military, but should summon member of the Reserves and National Guard.

It is very unbiased, very informing, and only through awareness can better decisions be made. Drift debuted at the top of The New York Times Best Sellers list for hardcover nonfiction, [10] where it remained at number one for five weeks [11] and remained in the top 10 for an additional two weeks.

Books by Rachel Maddow. It’s not a bug in the system. Also, it seemed to serve as a way to chip away at Reagan, which she seems to harp on.


Maddow makes her points about the unmooring of military power clearly, cogently, and with a great amerlcan of wry humour. The Unmooring of American Military Power is the antidote to your serenity! Or, cyberwarfare, which we’re doing right now with things like Stuxnet.

Easy to say, hard to do. First, the US military is large, at least by historical levels, and considere I recently finished reading this book.

Drift: The Unmooring of American Military Power | work by Maddow |

Her forte is policy. At the end Rachel offers us a checklist of what we need to do to get back on track.

It isn’t just because of inflated housing. Bush in a mostly favorable light and condemns liberals like Lyndon Johnson, Bill Clinton and even Barack Obama for continuing to exert military oversight that is not only not given to them by the Constitution but expressly, intentionally denied from militzry by the founding fathers.

Drift: The Unmooring of American Military Power

Preview — Drift by Rachel Maddow. It would make a difference, and help reel us back towards balance and normalcy.

Ultimately, she shows us just how much we stand to lose by allowing the priorities of the national dgift state to overpower our political discourse.