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Lists with This Book. This was probably the most difficult book I ever read, which explains why I took me 10 years since I bought the book in Hungary when I was first reading in English until I decided to read it till the end and finally completed it after 10 years of reading books in English.

Nov 02, Eva D. And I’m aware of the literary device called the unreliable narrator I once wrote an awful thesis about itbut here the context is as unreliable, which makes it very difficult to know what there is to believe really. Szesc gwiazdek za genialny warsztat literacki, cztery za tresc Czyli piec gwiazdek.

Dorota Maslowska ma absolutny sluch pisarski, jej wyczucie jezyka jest fenomenalne. Poza tym odszczekuje krytyke zakonczenia z “Masloska” z mojej angielskiej recenzji. I polsko-ruskx it twice in a row. I understand it as a great criticism of some behaviours and demeanours of people who were born in the mid-eighties.

Snow White and Russian Red

Not bad, just not my cup of tea. All I can think is wow, this was just wow. I think this is intentional and creates the extraordinary effect. Supercool crazy disjointed story about Polish cokeheads. I was delighted, but then, I tend to like writing that is on the outer edges of what anyone could possibly conceive, our worst thoughts, but written with gorgeous, descriptive language that thrills me.

I agree with all the critics of the movie that it did not show the whole value of this book. This tlag was not for me, even though I do appreciate it. It is a very funny novel as well. Be the first to ask a question about Snow White and Russian Red. The narrator is a young man, called Nails Silny, in the Polish originalwho has just been dumped by his girlfriend.


When I was 19, life was so much easier. Basically – I absolutely loved this, the first book to make me laugh out loud on the train in a v So this has been called the Polish Trainspotting by other people The wljna part by far were the last ten or so pages, entirely different in tone, told by a plural female first person narrator, but read like a prose poem, plot impossible.

It’s a decent work of fiction, but if you aren’t hooked on amphetamines you won’t relate to the characters as much. At nineteen one can have the knowledge of structures, but not the structure of knowledge, which takes years and years of living to emerge. For example, I myself at nineteen was a total idiot like biao-xzerwon all of my friends and acquaintances, boys much more than girls, sorry dlrota the sexist stereotyping ; of course I knew forota music, games, sports, films, TV, etc.

They were always lying to us, the good Polish people. Nov 03, Kate rated it it was amazing. Przedszkole, gdzie dwiedzialem sie, ze wszystkim nam chodzi o pokoj na swiecie, o biale golebie z bristolu zlotych za blok, a potem raptem zlotych, mus tak zwanego lezakowania, siku w majtki, epidemia prochnicy, klub wiewiorki, brutalna fluoryzacja uzebienia. Sep 25, Carole B rated it liked it.

The entire ending is a literary tour masowsia force; it is poetic, hypnotic, brilliant. And we imagine our funeral, at which we’re present, we stand there with flowers, eavesdrop on the conversations, and cry more than everybody, we keep our moms at hand, we throw earth at the empty casket, because that way death doesn’t really masowsma us, we are different, we’ll die some other day or won’t die at all.

Snow White and Russian Red by Dorota Masłowska

View all 3 comments. How could she delve into that male brain and put it into words. This is the dlrota, a stream of scratchy prose with no chapters and hardly any punctuation, becomes one of the funniest and yet most horrible books you will have read. Nails claims to be mwsowska leftist-anarchist, but he really does not know what it means and is mainly interested in satisfying the needs of this one special part of his body.


The book is well written, but the characters were so unlikeable and their lives pointless and uninteresting that I had a hard time connecting with them in any way.

A wiec albo moj angielski nie jest wystaczajacy, albo tlumaczenie nie jest tak znowu wspaniale jak uwazalem. Of course this is not the aspect that plays the main role but that one in particular made on me the greatest impression. Mar 29, Oriana rated it really liked it Shelves: It is tersely written, stylish and darkly humorous, about maspwska, drug-addled, marginalized post-Communist Polish youths.

SNOW WHITE AND RUSSIAN RED (Wojna polsko-ruska pod flaga bialo- czerwona)

Teraz, przeczytawszy ksiazke po polsku, musze zmienic zdanie. For years my wife has been telling me about this young born in Polish writer, Dorota Maslowska, and about her book “Snow White and Russian Red” the original Polish title sounds much better: Especially the ending seemed to be void of any reality.

Zamieszczam ponizej moja angielsko-jezyczna recenzje z angielskiego tlumaczenia, a tutaj jeden z moich ulubionych fragmentow oryginalnej wersji polskiej: Most characters are treated as isolated, unpredictable, each action interpreted as hostile or overlaid with excess layers of meaning by the leaping associations of the narrator. This was weird and not a very pleasant experience.

But the style is completely unreadable. Miesiac temu przeczytalem “Snow White and Russian Red” Doroty Maslowskiej – angielskie tlumaczenie powiesci “Wojna polsko-ruska pod flaga bialo-czerwona” i zachwycony jej wspaniala proza ocenilem ksiazke na cztery i trzy czwarte gwiazdki.