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Standard [WITHDRAWN] DIN Office work place – Part 1: Space for the arrangement and use of office furniture; safety requirements. DIN – Amendments. This document has been replaced by:: DIN Relationship to other standards. This document references . DIN —1 Office work place — Part 1: Space for the arrangement and use of office furniture; safety requirements, testing (September ). BGI Office.

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The phylogenetic relationships among these species remain essentially unresolved. We performed additional AU tree-selection test to test for significant differences between matrilineal genealogy and the nuclear phylogeny, including whether one or both datasets rejected alternative placements of particular clades.

The ancestor of P. However, our nuDNA-based phylogeny requires reconsideration of this arrangement.

The BDNF dataset rejected the topology. Movement Areas Apart from personal space, there should also be plenty of open space to allow for free movement around the office. Based on the principle of monophyly, along with djn molecular and morphological analyses of Solovyeva et al. First, Eichwald proposed the new name Megalochilus for the largest species of the genus, P. Typo Missing or incorrect metadata Quality: No exact locality information is available for specimens obtained via pet trade.

In dni concatenated analysis of nuDNA exons Fig. April 20, at 2: Cenozoic aridization in Central 443-1 shaped diversification of toad-headed agamas Phrynocephalus; Agamidae, Reptilia.


Germany, in particular, has strict laws in regards to workplace planning and layout guidelines. In the late Cenozoic, dramatic climatic changes influenced the origins, diversification and distribution of Central Eurasian reptiles Macey et al.

The significant morphological diversity of 44543-1 has been reflected in their generic taxonomy. Middle and Central Asia have one of the oldest desert areas. BAuAand are as follows:. The maximum number of regions included in one area was limited to two.

We thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.

pCon.planner, office space standards and the ZDF

Group 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 1 arabicus—maculatus Loose sands with non-differentiated proluvial sediments appear to be the ancestral habitat of Phrynocephalus. You can also choose to receive updates via daily or weekly email digests. This estimate coincides well with the divergence time 45443-1 another viviparous group of lizards inhabiting Central Asia—the racerunner subgenus Pareremias Lacertidae Orlova et al.

The third period started after 5 Ma, followed by a slight rate-shift in both plots. However, convergent similarity between send-dwelling Phrynocephalus and Bufoniceps potentially could lead to the basal position of P.

The utility space of a desk — marked here with a colored rectangle — generally corresponds to the desk space. Opazo 4543-11 days ago.

r, office space standards and the ZDF – pCon blog

The phylogenetic relationships between these four groups are essentially unresolved. 5443-1, this taxonomic action was based primarily on small to moderate genetic distances between these forms p -distance 2. Accordingly, we suggest that further taxon sampling di additional nuDNA-markers be evaluated before making subgeneric changes in the interest of maintaining taxonomy stability.


At that time, a major and permanent cooling trend replaced the warm and humid tropical or subtropical climate of the mid-Miocene thermal optimum 17—15 Ma; Zachos et al.

Tibetan oviparous Phrynocephalus axillaris Blanford, Fig. Cenozoic aridization in Central Eurasia shaped diversification of toad-headed agamas Phrynocephalus; Agamidae, Reptilia ht…. Proceed to Checkout Continue Shopping. Our phylogeny does not support monophyly of the P. For ZDF, a large public-service television broadcaster in Germany, the assurance of such measures comes with the help of pCon. Please first log in with a verified email before subscribing to alerts. The results of our phylogenetic analyses require some taxonomic changes within Phrynocephalus.

Accordingly, rock-dwelling or climbing forms such as AgamaTrapelusand Laudakia s. Values of AU-tests for different topological hypotheses. We tested if the mitochondrial genealogy of Solovyeva et al. We defined seven regions for the analyses: Please enable Javascript to view Idn.

Overall, the nuDNA phylogenetic trees are generally better resolved and show higher nodal support values than the mtDNA trees. Because no reliable paleontological data have been reported for Phrynocephalus 454-31, we used ten fossils from non-agamid outgroup taxa and outgroup Agamidae as calibration points see Table S5 ; Fig. Lineage I comprises the species of P.